CODA Automotive looks to boost sales of electric vehicles with new deal

CODA Automotive looks to boost sales of electric vehicles with new deal

November 19, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

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CODA Automotive launches new sales campaign for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are beginning to attract a great deal of attention. Much of this attention is coming from consumers who are taking note of the ambitious deals and discounts that are being offered by makers of electric vehicles. One such offer comes from CODA Automotive, a manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company has launched a new campaign to boost the sales of its vehicles and is targeting the problems presented by a lackluster infrastructure as a selling point.

Lack of infrastructure strains EV market

Though electric vehicles are popular in concept for many consumers, these people are not inclined to purchase these vehicles because of the lack of an adequate infrastructure. Charging stations are currently scarce outside of large cities, even in California, which is considered the best market for these vehicles in the U.S. Though an infrastructure is being built in the state, CODA Automotive is keen to expedite the process by providing consumers with a chance to turn their own homes into electric charging stations.

CODA Automotive offers free at-home charging stations for California buyers

CODA Automotive has announced that it will provide a free GE WattStation Wall-Mount electric charging station for California residents that purchase a 2012 CODA electric vehicle. The offer lasts until December 2. The charging station being offered by CODA Automotive allows consumers to charge their electric vehicles from home, rather than try and find a public charging station near where they live. This offer may be particularly alluring to consumers who are interested in electric vehicles but do not live in large cities, such as Los Angeles. CODA Automotive is also offering to cover the installation of the charging station to make the process as simple as possible.

Sales campaign may help generate hype around electric vehicles

Much of the auto industry is focused on hydrogen fuel, building an infrastructure based around this renewable fuel as well as developing vehicles that are powered by it. These vehicles are, however, expected to be somewhat expensive. Traditional electric vehicles may be a viable alternative, especially if consumers can get their hands on at-home charging stations that will keep their vehicle’s battery working.

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