Shell unveils “Decarbonising Road Freight: Getting into Gear” report

Shell unveils “Decarbonising Road Freight: Getting into Gear” report

January 21, 2021 0 By Erin Kilgore

The energy giant involved global experts and executives to advise regarding net-zero emissions goals.

Shell commissioned report “Decarbonising Road Freight: Getting Into Gear” has just been unveiled today. Its goal is to share perspectives on how the road freight sector can set and achieve net-zero emissions targets.

The report was compiled by Deloitte and involved participation by over 150 freight execs and experts.

The Decarbonising Road Freight report included the input of more than 150 sector executives and experts from around the globe, ranging from truck manufacturers to fleet operators and industry body heads. It shared their spectrum of viewpoints on the ways in which this sector can reduce its carbon emissions while pursuing the ultimate goal of net-zero. The report also underscored three primary barriers to reaching such targets and offered 22 solutions for helping to overcome those challenges while accelerating decarbonization throughout the next decade.

Decarbonising Road Freight: Getting Into Gear placed three primary findings in the spotlight.

Those three findings were:

  • 70 percent of the participants identified decarbonization among their top three priorities.
  • This sector is rapidly approaching a decarbonization tipping point, and it will occur more rapidly than is widely expected.
  • Over 70 percent of the participants are looking to hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric technologies as the decarbonization solutions of the approaching future.

The report also identified Shell’s own perspectives on decarbonization and pointed to its own role in supporting the sector in reaching emissions goals. Within that role included the intention to reduce its own road transport fleet’s emissions. Shell’s fleet includes almost 3,000 contracted vehicles. Its plan is to cut emissions from those vehicles by over 25 percent by 2025. The energy giant also intends to change its low- and zero-emission fuel and fuelling structure deployment, as well as implementing emission offsetting and reducing solutions. They will put into place policy recommendations and plans for collaborations with other major players in the sector.

Decarbonising Road Freight - Shell TruckThe Decarbonising Road Freight: Getting Into Gear report looked inward at the company’s own strategies while also providing a roadmap of steps and suggestions for other sector players to follow.

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