Storegga CEO issues decarbonization demand regarding UK energy supply

Storegga CEO issues decarbonization demand regarding UK energy supply

May 9, 2022 0 By John Max

The demand sought “large and purposeful strides” by the United Kingdom for climate-friendly energy supply.

Decarbonization development company Storegga Limited’s CEO Dr. Nick Cooper recently released a response to the letter issued by Kwasi Kwarteng, Business and Energy Secretary, addressing the oil and gas industry on “accelerating investment to protect the Britain’s energy security”.

The company is also the lead developer on the Acorn project under way in Aberdeen, Scotland.

“The UK is sitting on an opportunity to make large and purposeful strides towards securing our energy supply in a climate-friendly fashion. We are early adopters of decarbonisation technologies and have built up over twenty years of experience in how to reverse the carbon cycle – this head start gives the UK the opportunity to lead this decarbonisation revolution,” said Dr. Cooper in the response.

Decarbonization - Trees CO2

Storegga is UK business that develops a range of early-stage projects aimed at decarbonization.

“The recent IPCC report has confirmed that these technological methods of CO2 removal and permanently storage are essential. The UK has tentatively progressed our efforts with two developments but we now urgently need to set out the pathway for all the country’s CCS, transport and hydrogen projects to access the pent up investor demand and create a world-leading carbon removal industry,” added Dr. Cooper.

“The UK’s North Sea geology grants us a disproportionate amount of Europe’s CO2 storage. Our island status and excellent ports also gives us a unique ability to provide transport of CO2 for emitters who are ‘stranded’ from existing gas pipe networks. Let’s now open up the market: creating jobs and inviting in the billions of international investment searching for energy transition opportunities.”

“Maximising our North Sea assets demands we do so in a climate supporting way which creates wealth for the country and its people. Part of that this is the acceleration of carbon capture and storage; every month is crucial as the planet warms and our net zero targets approach,” Dr. Cooper explained in the response.

Storegga Limited’s focus on decarbonization projects is usually aimed at early-stage carbon capture and storage in addition to hydrogen fuel as well as other sub-surface renewable energy options. The goal of its UK and international projects is to contribute to reaching net zero carbon emission targets.

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