Denmark reveals new Energy Plan to bolster hydrogen energy infrastructure by 2020

Denmark reveals new Energy Plan to bolster hydrogen energy infrastructure by 2020

March 27, 2012 0 By Tami Hood

Denmark has adopted a new energy plan that will help it reach energy independence by 2050.

The government’s initiative, fittingly named Energy Plan 2020, aims to establish a foundation for hydrogen fuel. This infrastructure is expected to be functional and sustainable by 2020. The initiative will focus heavily on hydrogen-powered transportation and the government is hoping to have a strong support structure in place by 2015, when hydrogen-powered vehicles begin flooding the commercial market.

The project will bring more hydrogen fuel stations to Denmark and help provide support for companies adopting hydrogen as their fuel of choice.

Financial support will also be given to companies building hydrogen fuel cells and automakers bringing their vehicles to the nation. The project is funded by a tax on gasoline-vehicles. Each of these vehicles is subjected to a 180% tax that is attached to its base price. The money collected by the tax is funneled to the new Energy Plan, which is then used to make fuel cell vehicles more affordable for consumers.

The Energy Plan is expected to help the country attain its goal of 100% energy sustainability by 2050.

This will not be accomplished by focusing on the auto industry alone, however, and the Plan will institute and support various projects concerning the use of hydrogen energy. These projects will take the form of residential energy projects as well as promoting the use of fuel cells in industrial ventures throughout the country.

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