Denmark reaches solar energy goals early

Denmark reaches solar energy goals early

September 30, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

Solar energy goals prove easily attainable by Denmark

Several countries around the world have established for themselves sustainability goals. These goals often take the form of emissions reduction practices and the replacement of fossil-fuels with clean energy. These schemes are becoming increasingly common amongst developed countries that have the means to adopt alternative energy and cut emissions. Denmark is one such country. Denmark, like other countries in Europe and around the world, has a particular goal concerning solar energy, which the government had wanted to reach by 2020. This plan is expected to change, however, as Denmark has reached its solar energy goals 8 years early.

Milestone reached through the use of net metering

According to the government’s goals, Denmark had been working to reach 200 megawatts of solar energy capacity by 2020. This goal has already been met by Invest in Denmark, an internal investment organization that has been part of the country’s work in solar energy. Reaching this milestone is largely due to the country’s use of net metering, which is considered a more efficient way to utilize solar energy. Invest in Denmark notes that the demand for solar energy systems saw a drastic increase after net metering was introduced in 2010.

Established infrastructure helps Denmark find success

Part of the country’s success in its solar energy endeavors comes from its already well establish smart grid – an infrastructure suited for clean energy. The country has adopted several emerging technologies that have made its smart grid more efficient and capable of handling the needs of citizens as well as the demands placed upon it by clean energy systems. Backed by a comprehensive infrastructure, the government is expected to make changes to its solar energy goals.

Denmark continues work with other sustainability projects

Solar energy is not the only form of clean power Denmark is pursuing. The country also has an ambitious plan for wind energy, with plans to receive roughly half of its total electricity from wind power systems. The country has also been supporting the development of clean transportation practices and vehicles. The country is currently considered a leading presence in the clean transportation sector.

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