Department of Labor report shows job growth in the alternative energy industry

Department of Labor report shows job growth in the alternative energy industry

March 11, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

The latest employment report from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that green jobs are growing at a rapid pace.

The report notes that in the past year unemployment fell to 8.5%, the lowest it has been in three years. This is due largely to the emergence of new jobs in the alternative energy industry. These jobs concern manufacturing new energy systems, maintaining these systems, construction projects and even research and development careers. The report suggests that the U.S. economy is showing promising progress toward recovery in the wake of the 2008 economic disaster.

The Department of Labor expects to see job growth continue if the nation is persistent in its pursuit of alternative energy.

What may be a problem, however, is the alternative energy industry’s need for highly-skilled and well trained individuals. The industry is awash in technology that is difficult to understand even for people with engineering degrees. As such, the jobs associated with the industry, beyond that of manufacture and maintenance may be beyond the reach of some people.

As alternative energy continues to grow in popularity, education will become a more important issue that will determine the ultimate outcome of job creation.

Currently, education in clean technology is available, but not widely so and not for a price than many people can afford. Some companies are taking the initiative and providing educational materials and funds to universities as a way to open the doors to people interested in alternative energy. Without more action, however, recovery and job growth may be a long, slow process.