DOE announces winners for its offshore wind energy competition

June 24, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

Offshore wind energy competition winner

Three companies to receive $47 million annually from the Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced the winners of its offshore wind energy initiative. The winning organizations are to be awarded $47 million each over the next four years. This funding will be used to aid in the deployment of new offshore wind energy systems that will be ready to be connected to the country’s energy grid by 2017. The projects coming from the winning organizations are based in New Jersey, Oregon, and Virginia.

Fishermen’s Energy to showcase its wind turbines in New Jersey

Fishermen’s Energy is one of the three organizations that has won the Department of Energy’s competition. The company will be responsible for the development and installation of five 5 megawatt, direct-drive wind turbines that will take root in Atlantic City, New Jersey. These turbines will make use of innovative technology and materials that make them less expensive to produce and more resilient to natural disasters. The project in New Jersey will also serve as a research initiative, providing valuable data concerning the potential of offshore wind energy.

Principle Power WindFloat to be highlighted in Oregon project

Principle Power is another winner of the Department of Energy’s competition, and will be responsible for installing its own wind turbines 18 miles off the coast of Oregon. The organization aims to showcase the potential of its WindFloat platform, which is to be installed in depths of 1,000 feet or more. The platform itself is meant to support offshore wind turbines, providing them with the foundation they need to be installed in deep water.

Dominion Virginia Power to launch its hurricane-resistant wind turbines in Virginia

Dominion Virginia Power is the last company to win the Department of Energy’s competition. The organization will be installing its wind turbines 26 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. This project will focus on demonstrating the efficient installation, operation, and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. The project will also focus on highlighting the benefits of manufacturing offshore wind turbines in a hurricane-resistant fashion, making these energy systems less susceptible to natural disasters.

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