UK issues more support for offshore wind energy

June 13, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

Offshore Wind Energy projects

Energy minister highlights more support for UK’s growing offshore wind industry

The United Kingdom’s Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, has announced more aggressive support for the country’s emerging offshore wind industry. The UK has been pursuing the development of its offshore wind energy resources in recent years, hoping that wind power will help it break away from fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Fallon hopes that more support for the offshore wind industry will encourage the country’s supply chain and help more companies get involved in renewable energy.

Government continues to show more support for offshore wind as it grows weary of fossil-fuels

Fallon highlighted the government’s growing support for the offshore wind industry at the Global Offshore Wind conference held in Scotland. During the conference, Fallon noted that offshore wind energy  is vital to the country’s continued economic growth, suggesting that new wind energy projects have already created more than 6,000 new jobs and generated a significant amount of economic activity. Many of the jobs that have been created by these projects have been within the UK’s supply chain.

Siemens and Associated British Ports commit more than $500 million to wind turbine production and installation

During the conference, it was revealed that both Siemens and Associated British Ports have invested more than $500 million in wind turbine production and installation. This represents one of the largest investments in the United Kingdom’s offshore wind industry to date and the funding is expected to help the industry grow significantly in the coming years. Both Siemens and Associated British Ports have a strong interest in renewable energy and have been prominent supporters of clan power in the past.

UK continues to show leadership in the offshore wind energy sector

The United Kingdom is currently considered a world leader when it comes to offshore wind energy. The country has access to large expanses of ocean where strong wind currents are quite common. Offshore wind turbines can generate a significant amount of electricity by taking advantage of these wind currents. Much of the United Kingdom’s offshore wind efforts are currently taking place off the coast of Scotland.

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