E.ON teams with Google to bring Sunroof to Germany

E.ON teams with Google to bring Sunroof to Germany

May 4, 2017 0 By Bret Williams

Utility will be working with Google to make Sunroof platform available to German homeowners

E.ON, the largest utility in Germany, has announced that it will be partnering with Google in order to expand its presence in the solar energy market. Through E.ON, Google will be able to introduce its new Sunroof platform to the German market. This will mark the first time that the Sunroof will be available outside of the United States. The new platform may be very attractive to homeowners, especially those that have an interest in solar energy.

Platform will allow homeowners to gauge the viability of solar energy for their homes

Through Sunroof, homeowners will be able to calculate the savings they could see from installing solar panels on the rooftops of their homes. The platform is designed to provide more insight into the economic benefits of solar energy. Sunroof also provides an analysis of local weather patterns in order to determine the ultimate viability of solar power. The platform utilizes Google Earth in order to provide detailed information concerning how solar energy can be used by homeowners in particular areas.

Some 7 million people will be able to use Sunroof upon initial launch

Upon launch in Germany, 7 million households throughout the country will be able to calculate their solar potential through Sunroof. Homeowners will be able to access the Sunroof platform through E.ON’s website. Once calculations have been made, consumers will be able to place orders for solar panels and other photovoltaic products. Per its partnership with E.ON, Google will receive licensing fees for the use of the Sunroof platform.

Utility is distancing itself from fossil-fuels

E.ON has been working to expand its presence into the renewable energy field for some time. Last year, E.ON distanced itself from fossil-fuels by establishing a spin-off company. The company, called Uniper, is meant to take over E.ON’s focus on fossil-fuels in order to allow the utility to develop more renewable energy projects. Currently, the utility has shown significant favor for both wind and solar energy.

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