EH Group fuel cell technology specialists expands California activities

EH Group fuel cell technology specialists expands California activities

December 11, 2020 0 By Bret Williams

The company has broadened its hydrogen tech within the U.S. market.

The EH Group fuel cell experts have announced that they are broadening their American activities. They have established EH Group Technologies in the U.S., which will be located in California.

Beyond the expansion in the United States, the company has also been selected for a grant.

The EH Group fuel cell tech specialists will not only be broadening their presence in California. They have also been chosen to be a part of the CALSEED cohort for 2020. This involves a grant of $150,000 to support further development of hydrogen fuel cell tech as well as for the production process of the electrolyzers required for producing the H2.

EH Group Technologies intends to create an electrolyzer system built on a foundation of a new design that results in lower costs. The purpose is to be able to test the concept of this new electrolyzer system design to be able to cheaply produce green hydrogen fuel. Since green H2 is both produced and used without generating greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, it is meant to be a significant step toward reaching decarbonization targets.

The EH Group fuel cell strategy in North America will be based on the operation of the electrolyzer.

Once the electrolyzer system reaches the point that it is fully operational, it will become the platform the company uses for serving its clients in North America who are focused on the adoption of high-performance yet cost-effective fuel cell solutions.

“California is an acknowledged leader in the development of clean hydrogen solutions in the United States. EH Group views it as a key market for our hydrogen technologies, both with our core fuel cell systems and strong potential for electrolysers too,” explained EH Group fuel cell specialist co-founder Christopher Brandon.

The company co-founder went on to describe the challenges that the project continues to face as it moves forward. “Whilst the challenge remains of replicating the break-through we have achieved on EH Group fuel cell - California and US flagsour fuel cell stacks to electrolysers, we are grateful to CALSEED for providing the opportunity to accelerate its development.”

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