Enertreg hybrid power station begins supplying fuel to Berlin, Germany

Enertreg hybrid power station begins supplying fuel to Berlin, Germany

April 22, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

Wind-hydrogen hybrid power plant provides hydrogen gas to Total fuel station

Enertrag, a European energy supplier specializing in hybrid energy systems, has announced that its new power plant in Prenzlau, Germany, has begun operation. The plant combines hydrogen and wind energy, a paring that is becoming increasingly popular as more focus is drawn to alternative energy. The facility is home to a number of wind turbines which provide electricity to hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells produce hydrogen gas, which is then delivered to a Total Germany fuel station in Berlin. The Total station provides fuel for new hydrogen-powered consumer and public vehicles.

Clean Energy Partnership backs station as part of Germany’s hydrogen infrastructure

The Total fuel station is part of Germany’s Clean Energy Partnership, which aims to promote alternative energy, with a specific focus on hydrogen fuel. The program has been behind the establishment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the country. This infrastructure is meant to support the launch of hydrogen-powered vehicles in Europe and is part of a larger fuel scheme taking root throughout the region. The Enertrag power plant is one of several that have begun operating in Germany over the past year.

Fuel cells now a major focus for the auto industry

The power plant hosts a number of 6 megawatt wind turbines, electrolysers, biogas production systems. The wind turbines provide the elecrtolysers with the electricity they need to facilitate chemical conversions. This process separates water from hydrogen and oxygen and these base elements can then be used for other purposes. The hydrogen can be used to generate more electricity if it is used by a fuel cell but is instead funneled to the Total fuel station in Berlin. Hydrogen-powered vehicles can refill at the station is a matter of minutes and drivers will be able to attain enough fuel to meet their traveling needs.

The auto industry has become enamored with hydrogen fuel and has moved quickly to embrace fuel cells. This is due, in part, to more serious climate and pollution regulations coming from the world’s governments. These regulations focus on lowering carbon emissions and increasing the use of alternative energy. The auto industry has highlighted hydrogen fuel as the only viable alternative to oil for in regards to transportation.

Article: Enertreg hybrid power station begins supplying fuel to Berlin,Germany
Article Source: Hydrogen Fuel News
Author: Erin Kilgore

Enertreg hybrid power station begins supplying fuel to Berlin, Germany

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