EU report highlights promising markets for clean transportation

February 28, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

New report identifies European markets that will be most accommodating of electric vehicles in the future

clean transportationThe European Union’s Joint Research Center has released a new report that aims to identify the markets that are expected to be leaders in terms of clean transportation. Many European countries have been showing strong support for clean transportation, highlighting the benefits of electric vehicles and those powered by hydrogen fuel. Much of the auto industry has been working to produce new vehicles that are not wholly reliant on fossil-fuels and many of these automakers have plans to release hydrogen-powered vehicles beginning in 2015.

Sweden, Finland, and Austria expected to be leading markets by 2030

According to the report from the Joint Research Center, Sweden, Finland, and Austria are likely to be the most prominent clean transportation markets by 2030. These countries have been investing heavily in the development of an infrastructure that is capable of supporting both conventional electric vehicles as well as those that are powered by hydrogen fuel. Leading up to 2030, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France are expected to be prominent markets for clean transportation.

EU turns to clean transportation to cut down on carbon emissions

The European Union believes that clean transportation will help reduce carbon emissions significantly throughout Europe. The EU has been working toward a carbon neutral future, but progress toward this goal has been slow going. The governing body has encountered resistance to its emissions reduction plans from countries that believe these plans would cause economic damage. Other countries, such as France and Germany, have their own plans concerning emissions and how to tackle the problems these emissions are causing.

New report may help guide policymakers

The report from the Joint Research Center may be able to help policymakers in the European Union better understand the trends that are beginning to emerge throughout the region when it comes to clean transportation. Better policies may help encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in many European countries while also making them more amiable toward the EU’s emissions reduction plans. Whether or not the report will be used to help guide policy decisions, however, is impossible to know at this time.

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