European Hydrogen Road Tour arrives in the UK

European Hydrogen Road Tour arrives in the UK

October 4, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Copenhagen, Denmark - European Hydrogen Road Tour

European Hydrogen Road Tour puts vehicles on display in Cardiff

Hydrogen powered vehicles have been put on display in the United Kingdom’s Cardiff. The vehicles come from Daimler, Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota and are being billed as the cleanest vehicles that will be coming to the market in the near future. Automakers have chosen to display these vehicles as part of the European Hydrogen Road Tour, an initiative that aims to generate hype regarding hydrogen transportation. The road tour began early last month and is approaching the finish line as it makes its way through the United Kingdom.

Capabilities of hydrogen-powered vehicles to be demonstrated

As part of the road tour, automakers are visiting the cities of Bristol, Swindon, London, and Cardiff. In these cities, automakers will show off the performance of their hydrogen powered vehicles as they have done throughout the European Hydrogen Road Tour. Those participating in the ambitious event are keen to show that hydrogen vehicles can be as viable as their conventional counterparts and dismiss consumer’s concerns regarding the efficiency and performance of the vehicles.

Consumers offered opportunity to test drive vehicles

In London and Cardiff, people will have the opportunity to test drive the hydrogen powered vehicles. This will allow consumers to get hands-on experience with the vehicles, which have garnered acclaim for their quietness and responsive controls. In Swindon, automakers participating in the European Hydrogen Road Tour will provide a refueling demonstration. This process is similar to how conventional vehicles are fueled, with the most significant difference being that hydrogen is used instead of petroleum.

Event to end in Copenhagen, Denmark

The European Hydrogen Road Tour will not be in the United Kingdom for long. After automakers have demonstrated the capabilities of hydrogen powered vehicles, the tour will move back to mainland Europe. The tour’s finish line is in Copenhagen, Denmark. When all is said and done, automakers hope that the event will have proven that hydrogen transportation is not prone to  the problems that many people have claimed it would be.

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