Global clean energy system possible with current technology

Global clean energy system possible with current technology

October 5, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Clean Energy Systems

Report suggests global clean energy system is not reliant on future technology

Much of the world is becoming interested in clean energy. Several countries have plans in place that call for the adoption of new energy systems, plans that have received a great deal of support from advocates of the environment. Though many countries are showing enthusiasm concerning clean energy, others say that current technology is not capable of producing efficient and sustainable clean energy systems. A new report from Ecofys, a leading renewable energy consultancy operating in the European Union, suggests that nearly the entire world can be powered by a global clean energy system without the need for any technological breakthroughs.

95% of the world can be powered through renewable energy

According to the report, 95% of the world’s energy needs can be met through clean energy systems that make use of modern technology. The report, called “Transition to a Fully Sustainable Global Energy System,” claims that this can be done by 2050 and provides insight on what it would take for such a feat to be accomplished by that time. The report presents several scenarios in which a global clean energy system can be established using current technologies that are readily available.

Supply and energy efficiency must be tackled as one issue

The report addresses the issue of energy demand. Demand for energy is growing quickly and even the most devoted alternative  energy advocates are hard pressed to believe that the world’s future energy needs can be met through current technologies. The report addresses this concern, noting that issues concerning supply and efficiency. The report suggests that a global clean energy system cannot exist without energy efficiency practices being combined with the supply of clean energy.

Politics continues to halt the progress of clean energy

The report suggests that the world has everything it needs to make the shift toward clean energy. The most significant problem, however, is one of politics. Without public policies supporting energy efficiency and the adoption of alternative energy systems, the concept of a global clean energy system cannot gain ground. The world of politics has for several years shown opposition to the advancement of clean energy and is likely to continue halting progress unless policymakers can be convinced of the economic benefits of clean energy.

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