Nissan gives American drivers incentive to purchase electric vehicles

April 21, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

The purchase or lease of a new Nissan LEAF could lead to free charging for two years.

Electric Vehicles - Nissan Leaf Battery Electric CarOne of the biggest setbacks of owning electric vehicles is the cost of the car, but now, some drivers in the United States may actually consider going green the next time they lease or purchase a car because they will not have to pay for the electricity required to power the vehicle.

25 U.S. markets are set to participate in the new program from Nissan.

The Japanese automotive manufacturer has recently announced its “No Charge to Charge” promotion. As of July 1, 2014, Nissan’s promo will allow eligible drivers who purchase or lease a Nissan LEAF (starting on or after April 1, 2014), to enjoy two years of free public charging. Those who qualify will receive a new “EZ-Charge” card, a unique platform that will give LEAF owners easy access to electric vehicle chargers with Blink, Network from Car Charging Group, ChargePoint, NRG eVgo, and AeroVironment. Thus EV charging isn’t only free; it’s easy.

At present, the combined 25 U.S. markets that will be participating in the program are responsible for over 80% of LEAF sales. Some of the major cities where no-cost EV charging stations will be found include: Nashville, Washington, D.C. and Houston, as well as many big West Coast cities like San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle, to name a few. The promotion will start with 10 markets in July and then proceed to a minimum of 15 other markets in 2015.

Drivers need to remember charging electric vehicles at home still costs money.

Nissan LEAF owners still need to keep in mind that while they may be able to plug in at EV charging stations for free, plugging the car in at home, as most owners do overnight, will still cost money. In fact, according to data on the U.S. Department of Energy’s website,, an owner of this battery-powered car is likely to pay approximately $550 in annual “fuel” costs, an estimate that is based on 15,000 miles of driving a year.

Nevertheless, there is no question that by offering potential buyers of electric vehicles two years of free charging, Nissan’s promotion is likely to increase its sales.

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