Tidal energy may be the right decision for the UK

Tidal energy may be the right decision for the UK

January 21, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

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Tidal energy could be a major benefit for the UK

The United Kingdom may hold vast potential in terms of tidal energy, according to a new report from researchers with the University of Southampton. The report highlights the prospects of tidal energy and how the United Kingdom can benefit from its use. Researchers believe that a significant portion of the UK’s energy needs can be met through the use of tidal energy, but that the government has not yet shown enough support to make this type of alternative energy a reality.

Report shows that tidal energy can meet 20% of UK energy needs

According to the report, approximately 20% of the United Kingdom’s energy demand can be met through the use of tidal energy. Researchers note that the process of harnessing the power of the ocean remains very expensive, but the potential benefits that could be found through the use tidal energy could significantly offset those costs. Tidal energy is considered a more reliable form of power than wind, largely due to the predictability and ever present nature of tidal forces.

Technology requires support to become viable

Tidal energy technology is still in a state of infancy, but researchers believe that the right amount of support from the government will help propel this technology to new heights. If this support were aggressive enough, tidal energy systems would not be a distant future solution, rather one that the country could make use of in a few short years. Though researchers believe that tidal energy holds great potential for the country’s energy needs, the UK government has yet to be convinced of its viability.

Wind power holds the majority of the government’s attention

The United Kingdom is currently entrenched in its support of wind energy and solar energy. These two forms of renewable power have won the majority of the government’s support due to familiarity and the relatively low costs they are associated with. Wind energy, in particular, has become a favorite of the United Kingdom, which is pursuing several offshore wind energy projects.

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