Hyzon’s completes first delivery of hydrogen vehicles to Performance Food Group

Hyzon’s completes first delivery of hydrogen vehicles to Performance Food Group

February 6, 2024 0 By Tami Hood

The company has announced that it has completed delivery of the heavy-duty FCEVs.

Hyzon Motors Inc. has announced that it recently completed its first delivery of hydrogen vehicles to Performance Food Group (PFG), a leading food distributor and supplier.

The fuel cell technology developer made the delivery at a joint ceremony with Performance Food Group.

“Putting these zero-emission trucks on the road marks an important step toward decarbonization goals shared by PFG, Hyzon and the state of California,” said Hyzon CEO Parker Meeks. “Our fuel cell technology will help Vistar’s heavy-duty trucking operations operate emission free and with reduced noise pollution. We are deeply grateful for our partnership with PFG, as it helps to further our collective goals to reduce carbon emissions from heavy-duty trucking.”

The achievement of the hydrogen vehicles delivery to Performance Food Group is a major one for Hyzon.

“The deployment of these vehicles is a major milestone for Hyzon’s industry leading technology, and through this partnership we expect to gain valuable insight through real-world operations,” explained Meeks. “Further, we expect that this intelligence will help us to optimize our technology, while working simultaneously to develop the next-generation 200kW fuel cell system.”

Hyzon’s current models of hydrogen vehicles have a range of as much as 350 miles on a full tank.

The refueling time for the fuel cell trucks is about fifteen minutes when using a fast fill dispensing system.

Hydrogen vehicles - Concept image of Fast truck refueling at an H2 station

Performance Food Group has said that it plans to work the new hydrogen vehicles into its existing fleet. This will mean that they are used for the delivery of beverages, snacks and candy to the company’s customers.

The delivery of the hydrogen vehicles occurred half a year after the first announcement that Hyzon and Performance Food Group had signed their agreement. Hyzon is among the first companies to have delivered heavy-duty fuel cell electric trucks in the United States.

The H2 supply

hydrogen news ebookThe fuel cell trucks will be refueled with H2 supplied by Pilot Travel Centers LLC, a leading energy and fuel provider with North America’s largest travel center network.

“Food distribution is an essential service and critical to the companies and communities we serve,” said PFG senior vice president Jeff Williamson. “As we look towards the future, it’s important for us to work towards sustainability goals and improve our transportation infrastructure.”

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