Siemens orders fuel cell modules from Ballard Power Systems

Siemens orders fuel cell modules from Ballard Power Systems

July 22, 2021 0 By John Max

BLDP has announced that the order consists of two of its 200kW units for powering a train.

Ballard Power Systems (TSE stock symbol BLDP) has announced that it is in receipt of an order from Siemens Mobility GmbH for two 200-kilowatt fuel cell modules. The units will be used for powering a two-car MireoPlus H passenger train.

The train is intended for a trial operation in Bavaria, Germany.

The trial operation of the train using the fuel cell modules is expected to begin in Bavaria in 2022. The purpose of the trial is to better understand the function and performance of the technology in real world operation. That way, new options can move forward in emission-free transportation and help to increase mobility in non-electrified rail lines.

Ballard Power Systems developed the technology as a component of a multi-year Development Agreement with Siemens. Trains using these systems have a maximum speed of about 100 miles per hour and a range of about 500 miles. The systems being provided are appropriate for both passenger trains and freight trains. They also provide a solid opportunity for mass transportation to lower its emissions.

Last month, Ballard Power received orders for 20 fuel cell modules from New Flyer.

Ballard Power is aiming to bring its expertise in H2 fuel cell tech to the world through innovative new solutions. The company is pouring itself into research and development activities while continually working to enhance its existing tech to provide its customers with cleaner energy solutions.

It currently offers products in various ranges and capacities. This brings about orders from a spectrum of different customers worldwide, for a variety of different applications. Earlier in July, it received a purchase order for 15 of its 700kW FCmoveTM-HD units. That order will be shipped to Tata Motors for powering its zero-emission Fuel Cell Electric Buses and should be completed by 2022 if everything remains on track.

In June, Ballard Power received an order for 20 of its fuel cell modules from New Flyer, its partner. The delivery for that order is expected to be completed before the close of this year.Fuel cell modules - Help stop litter trash and clean up

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