Fuel cell truck development partnership forms between Navistar and Cummins

Fuel cell truck development partnership forms between Navistar and Cummins

November 17, 2020 0 By John Max
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The companies are working together to develop a Class 8 truck that will run on hydrogen.

Navistar International Corp. and Cummins Inc. have announced that they have partnered on a hydrogen fuel cell truck development goal.

They want to build a Class 8 truck that will be powered by its onboard hydrogen fuel cells.

This fuel cell truck development project will receive part of its funding from a US Department of Energy (DEO) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) award. This funding was originally announced in August 2020 as a component of [email protected] at the DOE. The [email protected] initiative aims to make hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and use viable and affordable.

โ€œThis vehicle will feature our next-generation fuel cell configuration and provides a springboard for us to advance our hydrogen technology for line haul trucks,โ€ said Cummins vice president and president of new power Amy Davis. โ€œWe are also excited to build on our strong relationship with Navistar, which dates back 80 years, and work together to lower costs and make hydrogen-powered vehicles more accessible for fleets to adopt.โ€

This project for hydrogen fuel cell truck development represents one of two DOE grants to Cummins.

Cummins received a total of two DOE grants totaling over $7 million. The funds used for this project will assist in developing an integrated fuel cell electric powertrain that can be used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks. They will meet operational performance standards and will do so at an ownership cost that is conducive to near-term, quick, and substantial penetration within the trucking industry.

This also includes the creation of a solution that will be scalable while being highly manufacturable. It will need to have a minimum proven range of 300 miles and will need to show that its fuel economy is better than that of the current average heavy-duty truck.

In this hydrogen fuel cell truck development, the powertrain will be integrated into an International RH Series. It will require two model HyPM HD90 power modules composed of a series connection of HD45 fuel cell stacks. In this design, instead of relying on a single large Fuel cell truck development - Transportation Truckfuel cell, which would operate inefficiently at a partial load, the individual modules can be turned off and on to ensure adequate power availability at a full load efficiency.