Gamesa to build new wind turbine factory in Scotland

Gamesa to build new wind turbine factory in Scotland

March 26, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Scotland has ambitious plans to reach 100% energy sustainability by 2020.

The country has been working with the United Kingdom to reach this goal, but with political tension rising and a potential split from the Union looming, Scotland is looking to bolster its energy structure more aggressively. Fortunately, the country still has the support of the United Kingdom, which has just entered into an agreement with Gamesa, a Spanish manufacturer of wind turbines. According to the agreement, Scotland will be home to a new factory from Gamesa.

The factory is expected to bring more than 800 new jobs to Scotland and help bolster its presence in the alternative energy community.

The UK government notes that this agreement shows great promise for Scotland’s allure to foreign investments, especially in regards to alternative energy projects. The wind turbines built at the factory will be shipped throughout Europe, but will also have a home in the UK. The government is currently embarking on an expansive wind energy project in which Scotland plays a large role.

The turbines built in Scotland will be used for the UK’s off-shore wind energy project.

This project will bring a significant of sustainable energy to the country and will be used to power homes and industry. By 2020, the Department of Energy and Climate Change hopes that this single project will generate more than 18 gigawatts of electricity, which is ten times more than what the project is generating today.

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