Geothermal energy plants in Turkey help save water

October 17, 2014 0 By Amanda Giasson

Water usage has been reduced by three geothermal power plants in the country.

Three Turkish geothermal energy facilities owned by Kipas Holding have dramatically lowered water usage, decreased CO2 emissions, reduced corrosion and are utilizing the Industrial Internet with assistance from GE’s water treatment technology.

Kipas Holding was honored with an award for its notable environmental efforts.

General Electric (GE) honored the company with the Return on Environment (ROE) award to recognize the company’s significant reductions in water usage, corrosion and CO2.

Kipas Holding has three existing Maren Enerji geothermal plants located in Aydin, Turykey, and recently expanded all three. It is also building a new plant. All of its geothermal energy facilities will be equipped with GE water treatment technology. Combined, the three operational plants generate a total of 68 megawatts (MW) of power. The new facility is projected to generate 24 MW.

Maren Enerji General Manager Mehmet Sisman said that “Today, geothermal is a viable power generation source and renewable energy alternative in Turkey. We chose GE’s water technologies for our four geothermal plants because it best fit our environmental goals.” Sisman added that “Partnering with GE’s water business, Maren Enerji saves $500,000 annually.”

GE’s technology helps to ensure chemical dosing in geothermal energy plants are accurate.

In addition to using GE’s InSight Knowledge Management Solution, which is a diagnostic and remote monitoring platform, for monitoring the performance of water treatment systems at power plants, GE has also provided an automatic chemical solution preparation unit. This technology eliminates the possibility of human error, which can occur when the solution is prepared manually. In geothermal power plants, chemical dosing must be precise and General Electric’s solution ensures it is done right, every time.

The regional executive, Europe and Russia – water and process technologies for GE Power & Water, Ralph Hadley, said that as the government in Turkey increases support for renewable energy sources, geothermal projects have been on the rise. Presently, geothermal is utilized beyond central heating. It is seen as a feasible form of power generation.

30% of Turkey’s energy needs will come from renewables, like geothermal energy, by 2023 and in the region GE has proven itself a leader by providing innovative products, services and technologies to help boost the Turkish grid capacity via renewable energy.

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