Ghana to be home to ambitious new solar energy projects

March 5, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

New solar projects are coming to Ghana this year

Solar Energy - GhanaGhana is set to see a major increase in its installed solar energy capacity. The African country has been showing strong support for solar power for both economic and environmental purposes. Solar power could help the country reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels, thereby lowering its energy costs in the future. International Solar Utilities has plans to bring ambitious new projects to Ghana that are expected to increase the country’s solar power production as well as its manufacture of photovoltaic products.

International Solar Utilities to develop 600MW of solar capacity throughout the country

International Solar Utilities has plans to develop some 600 megawatts of solar power capacity in Ghana. This capacity would be split between several power facilities, each with a maximum capacity of 100 megawatts. The locations at which these facilities would take root have already been identified. International Solar Utilities is also working to build a new manufacturing facility in Ghana that will be responsible for producing solar products, such as solar cells and photovoltaic panels.

New manufacturing may lower the costs associated with solar products

The manufacturing facility will serve two purposes. First, it will supply International Solar Utilities with the equipment it needs to build new solar energy systems in the future. The facility will also provide products to countries neighboring Ghana. This may help reduce the cost of transporting such products, making them less expensive to obtain for some African countries. This would also help make solar power more attractive to these countries.

Africa is proving to be a prominent market for solar power

Africa is quickly becoming a very prominent market for solar power. Many countries have begun to turn to solar power for economic growth. New solar projects create new jobs, which spur economic activity. These projects also help reduce the costs associated with energy derived from the use of fossil-fuels. Other forms of renewable energy has also begun to take hold throughout Africa, but solar power is expected to be one of the most ardently supported forms of clean energy in many African countries.

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