Cemvita unveils new gold hydrogen fuel program to pilot new production process

Cemvita unveils new gold hydrogen fuel program to pilot new production process

February 22, 2022 1 By Tami Hood

The H2 coalition will be debuting a new surface biomanufacturing process.

A new H2 fuel coalition called the Gold Hydrogen Program recently launched, bringing together organizations working to support the production of this clean fuel at scale.

The project will also debut a new microbial Gold Hydrogen Process, which was announced at the launch.

This joint industry partnership is aimed at developing, testing, and commercializing gold hydrogen. Among the members of the coalition is Cemvita Factory, a low-carbon microbial solution innovator for energy and mining resource extraction, renewal and production. Also included in the coalition include EXP, Chart Industries Incl, and The Center for Houston’s Future.

This designation of H2 is naturally occurring and is found deep within the Earth. The most common way to procure this zero-emission fuel is usually to produce it by way of various potential methods. In this way, however, the resource is already there to be extracted. The reason it hasn’t been obtained in this way until now is that it has been far too cost-prohibitive for commercial viability.

Gold Hydrogen - Opportunity

The coalition’s new subsurface biomanufacturing techniques might open the gold hydrogen opportunity.

Cemvita is spearheading this new project, which offers potential for clean and efficient extraction of the zero-emission fuel. If this is correct, it also holds the possibility for bringing thousands of oil and gas reservoirs that had been depleted and abandoned to be remediated and revitalized across the country.

The extraction technique brings together the existing infrastructure with new microbiology technology. Combined, they can rapidly scale clean energy solutions while forming new heavy industry company revenue streams.

“Gold Hydrogen presents a unique opportunity for innovative companies to serve and thrive in the transition to a clean economy. Replete with assets and infrastructure, skilled workforces, and global footprints, these companies can be leaders at a time when ambitious climate action is dramatically increasing demand for energy, resources, and minerals,” said Cemvita Factory CEO Moji Karimi. “But this will not be possible without scalable innovations to rapidly reduce the carbon footprint of operations.”

“Microbiology shows incredible potential for unlocking the promise of Gold Hydrogen in a clean, efficient way,” added Cemvita Head of Petroleum Microbiology Zach Broussard, the program’s manager. “Through this program, we are looking forward to collaborating with companies who value innovation and are committed to leading the clean energy transition.”

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