New partnership to use geothermal energy to produce green hydrogen

New partnership to use geothermal energy to produce green hydrogen

February 16, 2022 3 By Angie Bergenson

CeraPhi Energy and CCV will be working together to come up with a scalable renewable solution.

CeraPhi Energy and Climate Change Ventures (CCV) recently announced that they are partnering on a project that will produce green hydrogen using geothermal energy to power the process.

The collaboration will be powered by the proprietary Closed Loop CeraPhiWell system.

The geothermal energy system will be providing the continual electrolysis process with the necessary baseload power. Since geothermal is a greenhouse gas emission-free renewable energy source, it means that the green energy can be produced without CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions as a byproduct of that process.

In this partnership, CeraPhi will be bringing the closed loop geothermal energy technology and CCV will be providing the Innovative Hydrogen Technology. Together, the companies in this partnership will be aiming to develop scalable renewable H2 productions anywhere that the baseload geothermal energy is available.

This announcement follows on the heels of another CeraPhi recently made when it issued a media release in which it stated that it would be constructing a demonstration facility for the conversion of oil and gas wells into geothermal energy sources through the use of their proprietary closed loop tech.

Green hydrogen - geothermal energy plant

While geothermal hasn’t received the attention solar and wind has had in green hydrogen production.

“There is a lot of hype around Hydrogen’s role in the energy mix being a clean fuel to burn for heating or use for transportation, however, we know most of this is focused on the use of fossil fuel and whatever that’s, black, grey or blue, to produce this sustainably at scale means producing fossil fuels in vast quantities forever,” said Karl Farrow, chief executive officer at CeraPhi Energy.

“CCV is always looking for new technologies that enhance competitive pricing on green hydrogen production and we are delighted to have entered into this collaboration agreement with CeraPhi,” added Horacio Carvalho, chief executive officer at CCV.

Farrow went on to underscore his belief that geothermal energy is the best renewable power source for green hydrogen production. Among the reasons for this is that it offers a steady, reliable, 24/7 energy supply, making it possible to scale emission-free H2 production at a commercial level.

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