Google invests in Iowa wind farm

Google invests in Iowa wind farm

November 20, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

Google Wind Farm

Google announces investment in Rippey, Iowa, wind energy project

Google has long been an advocate for alternative energy, but has only recently begun investing heavily into this advocacy. The massive technology company has announced its investment into a new wind farm that is located in Rippey, Iowa. Google has invested in wind energy in the past, and this interest has been gaining more momentum in recent years as the company looks for new ways to derive energy from renewable sources and help the country do the same.

Wind farm able to produce 50MW of clean electricity

The wind farm in Iowa boasts of a capacity of more than 50 megawatts of clean electricity. The wind farm is currently operational, but in a limited fashion, as the project has yet to reach full completion. The project has the capability to provide clean, renewable energy to more than 15,000 average homes in the U.S. and all of the materials, equipment, and technologies used in the projects were developed within the country itself.

Google puts $75 million behind wind farm

Google has invested $75 million into the Rippey wind energy project. This latest investment brings Google overall financial support of alternative energy to more than $990 million. Google has yet to breach the $1 billion investment mark, but the company is well on its way there. Thus far, solar and wind energy have proven to be the favored forms of clean power for Google, though the company has provided modest financial support to other forms of alternative energy. The new investment for the Rippey wind farm is expected to help the project reach completion more quickly, thus providing energy to Iowa consumers sooner than expected.

Technology companies show great interest in alternative energy

Google is just one of several technology companies that have been investing heavily in alternative energy. Apple has shown a keen interest in solar energy, while Samsung and Sony have been making use of hydrogen fuel cells. These companies are often criticized by environmental groups for their use of fossil-fuel, and this criticism may have helped promote their interest in alternative energy.

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