Google invests in six solar energy ventures

November 20, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

Solar energy wins more support from Google

Solar Energy Projects - GoogleGoogle has been showing a strong interest in renewable energy in recent years. The company has been feeling pressure from environmentalist groups and ongoing economic issues around the world and has been looking to invest more aggressively in solar energy. Clean power may represent a significant financial investment of Google’s part, but it also represents an alternative to fossil-fuels, which are becoming more expensive with every passing year.

Clean power continues to garner Google’s attention

Google has invested some $80 million in six new solar energy systems being built in both California and Arizona. The six solar systems combined have enough capacity to power approximately 17,000 average homes. This investment represents the 14th time Google has put money behind renewable energy ventures and it will not likely be the last. To date, the company has invested more than $1 billion in both wind and solar energy projects throughout the U.S.

Solar energy becomes one of Google’s favored clean energies

Google currently receives 33% of its energy from renewable sources, but the company plans to be rid of fossil-fuels entirely at some point in the near future. Solar energy is one of the company’s most favored forms of clean power, though wind energy has also attracted a significant amount of Google’s attention in recent years as well. Google has been looking into using renewable energy to power some of its data centers, but the company has not yet announced any definitive plans concerning this interest.

Renewable energy may be an economical option

Embracing solar energy has helped Google appear more environmentally friendly. Indeed, the emissions that the company is responsible for have been modestly dropping in recent years, but renewable energy may represent a series financial opportunity for the company. Fossil-fuels are becoming more expensive and Google may be able to cut future expenses by shifting toward clean power as soon as possible. The company may also be looking to break into the energy business itself and could potentially compete with traditional utilities at some point in the future.

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