QEM examines green hydrogen fuel production potential at Julia Creek, Australia

QEM examines green hydrogen fuel production potential at Julia Creek, Australia

March 17, 2021 0 By Angie Bergenson

This is one of many opportunities being investigated in the country’s Queensland state.

QEM Limited has announced that it is now looking into the green hydrogen fuel production potential in Julia Creek.

This is the location of the company’s flagship 100 percent owned vanadium and oil shale project.

The company is researching the green hydrogen fuel production potential of the site while using a clean solar-powered electrolyzer. For the first while, the H2 produced there will be used for supporting the renewable energy needs of other local resource projects. That said, over time, the company is looking beyond the North West Minerals Province of Queensland. Eventually, it is seeking the hydrogeneration of its raw oil into transport fuels, said a recent IM Mining report.

As a component of moving this effort forward, QEM recently appointed E2C Advisory Pty Ltd to help in its operating costs and capital assessments. These two companies have worked together before. E2C also has substantial experience in hydrogen production through the use of electrolyzers.

QEM’s examination of green hydrogen fuel production potential will include government talks.

After QEM announced its intention to look into the viability of H2 production, it prepared to begin discussions with the state government of Queensland on moving ahead to receive water resource access approvals so that it can begin to develop the location.

“The commissioning of these studies will lay the groundwork to advance our green hydrogen strategy at Julia Creek, amid increasingly buoyant market conditions and the project’s optimal location and resource profile to produce hydrogen on-site,” said QEM Managing Director Gavin Loyden. “For example, the Queensland state government established a ministry for hydrogen in November 2020, as the state government seeks to encourage investment into the bourgeoning market. Crucially, the hydrogen strategy aligns with the broader strategic direction of Julia Creek, as QEM looks to target both the liquid fuels and renewable energy sectors.”

The Julia Creek location being investigated for green hydrogen fuel production potential has a total Green hydrogen fuel production potential - world map - AustraliaJORC inferred resource of 2,760 Mt, as well as a JORC indicated area of 220 Mt, with an average 0.3 percent vanadium oxide content. Its oil component is around 783 barrels within the 3C category.

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