H-TEC SYSTEMS and Group E to produce green hydrogen in Western Switzerland

H-TEC SYSTEMS and Group E to produce green hydrogen in Western Switzerland

April 15, 2022 0 By Erin Kilgore

The companies will be working together on a project that will use two ME450/1400 PEM electrolyzers.

H-TEC SYSTEMS, a green hydrogen tech company, and Groupe E, an energy firm, have announced that they will be working together on the first H2 project in western Switzerland.

The project will use renewable electricity generated at the Schiffenen Dam to power its electrolyzers.

The Schiffenen Dam hydropower will be powering the two H-TEC SYSTEMS ME450/1400 PEM that will be used in this project to produce green hydrogen. The production is expected to begin in 2023. From that point, it will produce about 300 tons of renewable H2 per year. The clean fuel will be used mainly for the freight transport industry’s decarbonization. The project represents the first time that an H2 production facility will open in western Switzerland.

Schiffenen Dam in Fribourg Groupe E - Green hydrogen

Schiffenen Dam in Fribourg © Groupe E

The Schiffenen Dam production plant is located in the Fribourg canton. The two PEM hydrogen electrolyzer units that will be used for the H2 production will be supplied with over two megawatts of clean energy from the dam’s rotary turbine. The production plant’s location is close to both the A12 and A1 freeways and is perfect for the delivery of the clean fuel to refueling stations close by. The H2 will be transported to those stations by road using tanker trucks.

The green hydrogen partnership is the result of a Groupe E pilot project that needed the PEM electrolyzers.

The two companies partnered for the project because H-TEC SYSTEMS PEM electrolyzers suited the renewable H2 production needs of Groupe E.

“With this project we are entering new territory. The constructive, open, and transparent communication with H-TEC SYSTEMS as well as their experience with their own efficient PEM electrolysers gives us confidence in the upcoming implementation phase,” said Groupe E Project Manager Urs Kröpfli.

This has brought H-TEC SYSTEMS into the Swiss market for its first time. The company has applauded the opportunity to cooperate with Groupe E on this project and stated that it was looking forward to the opportunity to work with the energy firm on this green hydrogen project.

Alexander Detke, Sales Manager, H-TEC SYSTEMS - Green hydrogen

Alexander Detke, Sales Manager, H-TEC SYSTEMS

“Through the collaborative and trustworthy cooperation during our discussions over the past months, we know we have found a very suitable partner in Groupe E for our first project in Switzerland. We look forward to implementing this innovative project together with our customer at such a picturesque location as the Schiffenen Dam,” said project Sales Manager Alexander Detke.

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