A lack of public education is standing in the way of green hydrogen adoption

A lack of public education is standing in the way of green hydrogen adoption

December 20, 2022 6 By John Max

Recent HFN results show that what people don’t know might be hurting H2 use worldwide.

In a recent survey looking into the largest barrier standing in the way of increased use of green hydrogen worldwide, a lack of public education on the subject of H2 took the top spot.

There survey involved the participation of 2,018 people from countries around the world.hydrogen fuel cell news free ebook

The Hydrogen Fuel News survey showed that while there are a handful of reasons that have stopped green hydrogen from taking off more quickly than it has, a lack of public education is by far the main blockage standing in the way. Of the 2,018 participants, 594 (29.4 percent) said that they felt that “Lack of public education” represented the “Biggest problem stopping the world from using more green hydrogen.”

biggest problem with green hydrogen

The second largest problem stopping the world from using more renewable H2 was that it is currently “too expensive to make, but this will change in the next few years.” This showed that while the cost of the fuel is indeed an issue, 529 of the respondents (26.2 percent) feel that this is a barrier that will naturally fade in coming years.

Well over half of the respondents think green hydrogen will become more affordable but needs awareness.

Aside from the top two, other problems standing in the way of renewable H2’s faster adoption worldwide included:

  • Transportation and storage technology problems – 412 respondents (20.4 percent).
  • Not enough financial interest from investors or companies – 299 respondents (14.8 percent).
  • No industry compliance and certification standards in place – 109 respondents (5.4 percent).
  • Lack of demand – 75 respondents (3.7 percent)

Together, the top two reasons green hydrogen has yet to take off at its full potential comprise more than half, 55.6 percent of the respondent votes. As the price is expected to come down on its own over time within the next few years, the largest issue to tackle is public education. While governments, organizations, the media, and companies certainly have their role to play, social media is expected to play a key role in the dissemination of quality information regarding the latest developments in renewable H2.

The more quality eye-catching, informative, and interesting news articles, educational pages, and YouTube videos are shared on social media platforms the more readily the understanding of green hydrogen will spread, nurturing an environment in which it can achieve larger growth.

The HFN team encourages you to be a part of the community of companies and individuals sharing our news and educational articles and YouTube videos. Follow us on social media and share the posts you find most fascinating, useful, inspiring, or noteworthy. Open the flow of information and welcome thought and discussion. This can help to overcome the public education challenge identified by this survey as the leading barrier to the growth of green hydrogen.

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