TES launches green hydrogen hub Green Gas terminal fast tracking

TES launches green hydrogen hub Green Gas terminal fast tracking

March 8, 2022 0 By Alicia Moore

It will be located in Wilhelmshaven, Germany as a secure sustainable energy alternative

Tree Energy Solutions (TES) has announced that it has launched the acceleration of its world-scale green hydrogen hub for renewable gas importing in the German port of Wilhelmshaven.

The fast-tracking of the project is aimed at offering alternative energy security in Germany and Europe.

At the same time that establishing this green hydrogen hub will boost the growth of renewable gas over time, it will also provide Germany and Europe with a boost in their alternative energy security. Clean H2 is at the center of this project, and the terminal is being built as carbon-neutral, sustainable, and transitional. It is also aligned with meeting the German government’s short- and long-term energy needs.

The news of the acceleration of this project is welcome given the energy-crisis the region is currently facing. The TES Wilhelmshaven project was first announced in 2019. It is expected to play an even larger role in the delivery of clean energy to Germany and in contributing to the European energy strategy along a path that is both sustainable and that stimulates the regional economy’s material growth.

Green hydrogen hub - TES_Wilhelmshaven_HD_EN

TES confirmed that the green hydrogen hub acceleration will support energy sustainability priorities.

The company underscored that by speeding this project by two years, it will fully align with and support the strategic sustainability and diversification priorities of energy supply. It will do this through the accommodation of gas import handling in addition to boosting the possibilities for Germany’s achievement of its sustainability goals while preventing future stranded assets.

“We are now planning further work to ensure an operational start of phase 1 by winter 2025 at scale. In view of our planned full scale (we are planning 6 independent tanks combined with 6 ship-berths using a novel approach with minimal environmental and visual impact), we are also willing to constructively accommodate any alternative gas importers and still ensure Third Party access in line with current DG Energy regulations and practices,” said TES founder and managing director Paul van Poecke in a news release about the green hydrogen hub. “TES welcomes participation from other parties on the condition that it accelerates the project and does not jeopardize the long-term clean and green energy ambitions that are core to the TES DNA. TES also believes that managing the current crisis should be done in such a way that long-term climate targets will and do not need to be compromised. The TES-Wilhelmshaven project is a unique project that can exactly do this.”

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