Emerson aims to boost green hydrogen production with automation tech

Emerson aims to boost green hydrogen production with automation tech

January 14, 2022 0 By Erin Kilgore

The company will be integrating this technology into the first offshore renewable H2 process.

Emerson (NYSE stock symbol EMR) has announced that it is assisting in the acceleration of tech development focused on green hydrogen production in an offshore first.

The company is working on unique large-scale offshore tech including critical automation systems.

Emerson’s goal is the development of systems and software that will make it possible to operate a world’s first offshore green hydrogen production process safely and efficiently on an operational gas platform.

The project, called PosHYdon is a pilot with the goal of validating offshore wind power and offshore natural gas and hydrogen production integration at sea. This will make it possible to produce clean fuel by harnessing a renewable source of energy. Hosting the project will be the Q13a-A platform operated by Neptune Energy in the Dutch North Sea. It will provide insight into the efficiency of an electrolyzer powered by a variable supply. It will also examine the installation and maintenance costs associated with a renewable H2 production plant located on an offshore platform.

Green hydrogen production - offshore wind turbines

The green hydrogen production process will be powered by electricity generated by wind turbines.

Throughout the pilot, green electricity will be used as a simulation of the supply fluctuations that are to be expected when using this form of renewable power. The process will convert sea water into demineralized water. From there, electrolysis will be used to extract the H2. The next step will be blending the H2 with natural gas for transportation to the coast using an existing gas pipeline that feeds into the national gas grid.

Hydrogen Pilot animation_2019 from Neptune Energy on Vimeo.

The 1MW electrolyzer is expected to achieve up to three tons of green hydrogen production every week.

“Hydrogen is regarded as the ‘fuel of the future,’ but with ambitious decarbonization and net zero emission targets, it is essential to expand production capacity and accelerate the transition to hydrogen produced using sustainable energy,” stated Emerson’s Automation Solutions business executive president Mark Bulanda. “Through the PosHYdon project, we – together with the consortium partners – hope to provide a pathway to large-scale offshore green hydrogen production and make a significant contribution to the energy transition process.”

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