SunHydrogen’s green hydrogen technology on track to scale from lab to a 1m2 panel

SunHydrogen’s green hydrogen technology on track to scale from lab to a 1m2 panel

November 9, 2023 1 By John Max

The developer of breakthrough technology shared an update with its shareholders.

SunHydrogen Inc., a developer of innovative green hydrogen technology that produces renewable H2 using sunlight and water, has revealed in an update to its shareholders that it is well-positioned to scale its technology from lab-scale to a 1m² SunHydrogen Panel.

Recent notable achievements of SunHydrogen’s tech.

The SunHydogen panel is composed of multiple cells that produce electricity and the device encases multiple hydrogen generators immersed in water. According to SunHydrogen’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Syed Mubeen, the company has made progress with both the hydrogen panel’s hydrogen generator and device housing.

Specifically, the green hydrogen panel’s hydrogen generator forms the core of the company’s technology. The progress that has been made with each of the generator’s components include:

  • Substrate with protective layers and ion-transport channelsSunHydrogen has successfully validated the manufacturability of its substrates at both the 25 cm² and 100 cm² scale. Building on their achievement, the company continues to work on scaling up the production process to meet the substrate requirements for a 1m² SunHydrogen Panel. Accomplishing this scale is of the highest importance because it represents the commercially-relevant dimension at which the company intends to introduce and showcase its tech in various pilot projects.
  • Nanoparticle-based semiconducting layers – Located in the core of the green hydrogen generator are two semiconductors configured in a dual junction setup. SunHydrogen has consistently attained photovoltages of 1.8 volts at the 100 cm² scale, which surpasses the necessary photovoltage for water-splitting by 1.5 times. “This accomplishment ensures optimal performance and efficiency, even in the face of potential voltage losses,” says Mubeen. “Additionally, we have also demonstrated single-junction photocurrent densities of 18 milliamps per square centimeter.”
  • Oxidation/reduction catalysts – SunHydrogen’s goal is to optimize and test potential catalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution. A University of Michigan team, led by Dr. Nirala Singh, is playing a vital role in these efforts. The team synthesized a catalyst that operates efficiently for hydrogen production and is working on improving stability. Additionally, the collaboration between the team and the company has “yielded exciting progress in the exploration of potential membraneless operation” of SunHydrogen’s technology. This progress has the potential to result in substantial savings of as much as 8-10% in panel costs.

Device housing progress of the green hydrogen tech.

Mubeen explained that the company is presently consulting with world-leading experts to develop ground-breaking reactor designs and system layouts that reduce the overall levelized cost of hydrogen.

Green hydrogen - Solar panels and H2

“We anticipate finalizing these designs in early 2024, paving the way for the deployment of pilot scale projects that showcase the world’s first wireless green hydrogen production using cost-effective semiconductors,” Mubeen said.

Roadmap for the future.

hydrogen news ebookMoving forward, the SunHydrogen team continues to be dedicated to finding the most efficient path to commercially scale their nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology and speed up their mission of replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable hydrogen and bringing this green power to the globe.

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