SunHydrogen shares inside scoop on its green hydrogen tech

SunHydrogen shares inside scoop on its green hydrogen tech

August 31, 2023 0 By John Max

The hydrogen company provides shareholders with its latest tech scoop.

SunHydrogen Inc., known for developing breakthrough green hydrogen tech designed to generate hydrogen utilizing sunlight and water, has provided its shareholders with an update on its progress toward commercializing its green hydrogen (H2) technology.

SunHydrogen CEO, Tim Young, highlighted the company’s recent accomplishments.

SunHydrogen is dedicated to its goal of generating low-cost, pure green hydrogen. The company has been working hard to meet this goal, and one of its most recent accomplishments was the unveiling of the world’s first nanoparticle-based green H2 generator.

According to Young, this is the largest version to-date of SunHydrogen’s green hydrogen tech. Presently, the prototype generator is the only self-contained nanoparticle-based hydrogen generation device of its type that is capable of splitting water molecules into high-purity green hydrogen and oxygen (O2) using power from the sun.

In the same way that a solar panel is made up of multiple cells that produce electricity, SunHydrogen’s H2 panel has been designed to enchase multiple hydrogen generators immersed in water. Each of these generators contains billions of electroplated nanoparticles, which autonomously split water into H2 and O2.

“Our technology has the potential to be one of – if not the most – economical green hydrogen solutions,” stated Young in the recent company news release. “Unlike traditional water
electrolysis for hydrogen, our process requires no external power other than sunlight and uses efficient and low-cost materials.”

Young explained that the company’s team has consistently achieved “commercializable photovoltages and photocurrent densities” at lab scale using its nanoparticle unities.

SunHydrogen’s next plans are to scale up its green hydrogen tech with the help of partners.

To achieve this next goal of taking its lab-scale green hydrogen tech success to larger scales, the company plans to make use of the best commercial partners and experts in the field.

Green hydrogen tech - Solar energy and green H2

Young revealed that SunHydrogen has already started the ball rolling on this front by recently entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with COTEC, a South Korean-based leader in industrial electroplating and electrochemical processes. COTEC will aid in the reproduction of the company’s existing lab-scale accomplishments using industrial electroplating processes. One of the main goals of the partnership is to showcase the world’s first nonopartical-based green hydrogen production at commercial scale.

Additionally, SunHydrogen’s green hydrogen tech has been recognized by the Federal Government of Germany’s 7th Energy Research Program. The program will provide an estimated $3.1 million in funding for Project NanoPEC, an initiative that will bring the company together with six partners in Germany.

“We believe working with some of the most innovative leaders in German industry and science can accelerate our progress toward commercialization,” Young stated.

Investment in TECO 2030.

hydrogen news ebookYoung also noted in the shareholders update that, in the fiscal year, SunHydrogen made a “significant investment” in TECO 2030. This Norway-based company is a developer of zero-emission technology for maritime and heavy industry sectors.

The primary objective is for TECO 2030 to covert trucks into hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks and for SunHydrogen to produce green H2 along the same trucking routes.

Young summed up the green hydrogen tech update by saying, “As we move forward, the SunHydrogen team is committed to pursuing the most efficient path forward to scale our technology and accelerate our goal of bringing renewable green hydrogen to the world.”

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