Gulf Energy Information launches new GEI platform and hydrogen dataset

Gulf Energy Information launches new GEI platform and hydrogen dataset

October 26, 2020 0 By Erin Kilgore

The newly released Global Energy Infrastructure tracks project data for a holistic overview of the industry.

Leading Media, technical info and market intelligence services provider for the international energy industry, Gulf Energy Information, recently announced the launch of its new Global Energy Infrastructure (GEI). This is a comprehensive dataset covering the energy industry’s projects.

This new dataset provides previously unavailable information, stepping beyond oil and gas.

“Global Energy Infrastructure is the most completely integrated source for global midstream and downstream oil and gas content, renewables and hydrogen datasets,” said Gulf Energy Information director of data Paul Rodden. “During these times where technology has leaped forward faster than ever expected, it is more vital than ever to have complete datasets covering more than oil and gas. Renewables and hydrogen datasets are critical in understanding how the energy utilization transition is happening globally.”

This newly launched service provides its subscribers with detailed project data. This is broken down into key industry segments which reach beyond oil and gas and into renewable energy, hydrogen, downstream, midstream, and LNG. This information is provided in an accessible and easy to understand format. Researchers are located in North America, Europe and Asia. This is also an important move for the company itself, which provides some of the leading oil and gas industry publications

The hydrogen data in the new Gulf Energy Information platform includes details from over 1,300 locations.

The H2 GEI dataset includes details from around the world, including over 1,300 different locations. These locations include both largescale projects and downstream usage of hydrogen fuel. The service provides coverage for Turquoise, Yellow, Grey, Blue, Brown, and Green, in addition to transportation, biomass, industry, and research designations.

The GEI hydrogen dataset is currently the only one commercially available that includes detailed industry data. When combined with its other datasets captured and available in the GEI platform, users can gain deep analytics and insights into the international energy landscape status.

The tables compiled in the Gulf Energy Information GEI platform, combined with the research Gulf Energy Information - data on computercontent, makes GEI a powerful source for worldwide renewables, hydrogen, midstream, downstream and LNG.

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