Hazer Group Rises as Hydrogen and Critical Minerals Powerhouse – Here’s Why

Hazer Group Rises as Hydrogen and Critical Minerals Powerhouse – Here’s Why

May 20, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

Scaling New Heights in Hydrogen Production with the Innovative Hazer Process

The Hazer Group is at the forefront of technological innovation in the development sector, with a notable market capitalization of around $108 million. At the heart of its business model is the commercial deployment of the Hazer process – a cutting-edge technique designed to convert natural gas and similar feedstocks into hydrogen and premium graphite. Using iron ore as a catalyst offers advantages due to its abundance, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency in driving the reaction, making it a more sustainable and economical choice compared to other catalysts.

A pivotal achievement for the Hazer Group has been the successful operation of their Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) test program for 100 continuous hours, a key indicator of the technology’s reliability and durability. This accomplishment, part of a sequence of operational advancements with run times extending from 18 to over 100 hours, demonstrates noteworthy progress and no significant challenges, reinforcing confidence in the technology’s capacity for commercial scalability.

Furthermore, Hazer Group has reached a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 on NASA’s scale and is making swift progress towards TRL8, underpinned by commercial ventures in three different countries.

Hazer Group’s Financial Milestones and Government Support

Making notable strides in securing financial support and stability, crucial for its ongoing and future operations. With a significant boost from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), receiving around $10 million, the company has been able to substantially fund its commercial demonstration plan and operational activities.

Hazer Group - Funding - Business - Australia

This funding is part of a broader government endorsement of the industry, evidenced by a recent budget allocation of $1.3 billion aimed at supporting technology ventures like Hazer Group. In addition to this, Hazer benefits from a generous R&D rebate program, allowing the company to reclaim half of its expenditures on technology development, with a sizable rebate expected in Q3/Q4. This is in recognition of the company’s considerable investment in technology during the previous year.

Furthermore, Hazer Group’s strategy and financial planning are reinforced by various non-refundable grant programs at both federal and state levels, enhancing its financial support framework. A remarkable achievement in their financial strategy was the successful capital raise of close to $15 million through a placement, drawing support from both existing and new investors. This infusion of funds, coupled with government grants, R&D rebates, and other non-dilutive sources of income, has fortified Hazer’s liquidity position. The company’s low-cost business model, minimal expenditure, and zero-debt policy further underscore its financial stability and flexibility, ensuring a solid foundation for pursuing its ambitious technology commercialization goals.

Key Highlights of Hazer Group’s Development and Expansion

The Hazer Group has made significant strides in the commercialization and licensing of its innovative technology. Below are the main points that underline the company’s progress, strategic approaches, and the broad interest in its technology:

  • Increased Demand: Post-operation of the Commercial Demonstration Plant, demand for Hazer Technology has surged due to successful demonstrations and favorable external factors.
  • Capex Light Business Model: Focuses on technology development with minimal capital expenditure, speeding up the path to profitability.
  • $105 Million Investment: A significant investment in technology development, mainly used for the commercial demonstration phase.
  • Licensing Agreements: Entered agreements for technology use expansion, including a significant project with FortisBC in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Global Projects: Foundation projects in Canada, Japan, and France with top-tier clients like Chubu Electric Power, Chota Corp, and ENGIE, marking a strong international presence.
  • Broad Interest: Engaging discussions across various industries, showing the technology’s wide applicability and potential transformation.
  • Validation from Top Clients: Strong endorsement from tier-one clients, demonstrating confidence in the technology’s functionality and adoption potential.
  • Practical Implementation and Licensing: Demonstrated commitment to commercialization through the operational CDP and active technology licensing.
  • Government Support: Received a grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, highlighting governmental support for advancing renewable energy initiatives.

They have certainly set the stage for success

hydrogen news ebookThe Hazer Group distinguishes itself in the renewable energy sector not only through its innovation and resilience but also by its unique cost-saving process that sets it apart. Bolstered by significant support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and complemented by government initiatives aimed at advancing technological innovation, the Hazer Group enjoys a solid financial foundation.

At the core of its strategic, operational, and financial planning is a commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring the Hazer Group’s strong position for future endeavors. Leveraging its innovative cost-saving technology, the Hazer Group is on track to significantly impact the hydrogen and graphite markets, aligning with global sustainability objectives and establishing its role as a leader in efficient, renewable energy solutions.


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