EKPO joint venture to supply urban HFCV stacks

EKPO joint venture to supply urban HFCV stacks

May 21, 2021 1 By Bret Williams

This is the result of a newly signed multi-year high-volume series production contract.

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies recently secured a new high-volume series production contract for urban HFCV stacks with AE Driven Solutions.

The size of the contract is expected to reach into the high double-digit million euros over several years.

Joint venture EKPO is a collaboration between ElringKlinger (Frankfurt Stock Exchange symbol ZIL2) and Plastic Omnium (Euronext stock symbol POM). It has been awarded the multi-year, exclusive contract for supplying the HFCV stacks. These NM5-evo type hydrogen fuel cell vehicle stacks will be provided to start-up AE Driven Solutions (AEDS).

These fuel cell vehicle stacks were selected because they meet the AEDS key criteria for durability, smooth operation and overall performance. The stacks will be fitted to delivery vehicles as a component of AEDS’ system integration strategy.

The goal is to use the stacks so that environmentally friendly drive technology can start being offered in urban spaces starting in the first half of next year.

The NM5-evo FCEV stacks are the newest addition to EKPO’s H2 stack portfolio.

They offer a high-power density in addition to high durability within a compact overall design. Beyond their low weight, the stack has a high-power spectrum as high as 76 kW while in high pressure mode. In this way it can provide a solid basis for modularizing and scaling. Therefore, the end customer gains advantages in efficiency and flexibility.

AEDS is employing the experience it has accumulated for the deployment of vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells along with new urban region mobility concepts. The start-up has been working with other companies and institutions such as RWTH Aachen University, the PEM Group and TÜV Rheinland. They have been collaborating on a next-generation mobility cluster focused on hydrogen and battery electric technology, which is being developed at the Aachen AEDS site.

When taking into consideration the parent companies of EKPO, including ElringKlinger, the joint HFCV stacks - Contract - handshakeventure has about twenty years of experience in the active pursuit of the type of fuel cell research and development that has brought it to the point of this new HFCV stack.

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