Hyzon Motors enters high power fuel cells partnership with Schlumberger

Hyzon Motors enters high power fuel cells partnership with Schlumberger

June 28, 2022 0 By Erin Kilgore

The companies intend to work together to use the technology to decarbonize oil and gas field operations.H2 hydrogen ebook

Hyzon Motors has announced that it will be collaborating with Schlumberger Limited for the reduction of emissions in upstream oil and gas operations through the use of high-power fuel cells to generate the necessary energy.

The partnership is in the form of a joint development agreement (JDA) between the companies.

Hyzon Motors is a global zero-emissions high-power fuel cells and fuel cell electric commercial vehicle supplier. Schlumberger is the leading technology provider in the world for the global energy industry. Within their newly signed JDA, Hyzon will be providing its engineering and manufacturing expertise for the hydrogen systems for heavy-duty commercial mobility for the co-development of zero-emission H2 power generation solutions.

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At first, the technology will be used for North American oil and gas wells for land drilling rigs. That said, the companies are open to further collaboration into other field operations within the broader oil and gas market. Hyzon’s tech is meant for integration into Schlumberger’s Intelligent Power Management Solutions portfolio and is powered by Hyzon.

The initial high-power fuel cells phase of the JDA will begin as early as the last quarter of this year.

The initial phase will comprise a demonstration of the first fuel cell power module by the companies in oil and gas field operations. It will begin by powering an onshore drilling rig application.

Schlumberger’s role under the JDA will also involve providing opportunities for customer validation and will lead the anticipated commercialization of the units to both new and existing customers. To start, Schlumberger has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the integration of this H2 solution in Ensign Energy Services Inc. drilling operations inside the next year.

The Intelligent Power Management solution that will be powered by Hyzon’s high-power fuel cells directly replace conventional 4.0 MW diesel generators that typically power oil and gas drilling rigs. The replacement will meet the same footprint specifications and horsepower of a 1.0 MW diesel generator on a high-spec North American land rig. Each drilling rig powered by an H2 system will require approximately 2.5 tons of H2 per day. Its zero-emission operations will eliminate an estimated 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

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