Hy9 announces expansion of hydrogen fuel production technology

June 30, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

Hydrogen Fuel Tehnology

Hy9 expands its HGS-C series of methanol hydrogen generators

Hy9, a leading developer of fuel processing and hydrogen purification systems, has announced the expansion of its HGS-C series of methanol-based hydrogen generators. These generators are designed to be integrated with existing fuel cell systems, utilizing methanol to produce hydrogen fuel. The system is particularly suited for the telecommunications sector, which is becoming more involved in the fuel cell industry each year. Fuel cells have won the favor of these companies because of their durability and ability to produce large quantities of electrical power without also producing any harmful emissions.

Generators are able to produce highly pure hydrogen for fuel cells

Hy9’s generators have the ability to produce hydrogen at 99.9% purity. Highly pure hydrogen is in demand because it has a longer lifecycle and allows fuel cells to perform at higher levels of energy production. The system designed by Hy9 is meant to be scalable, making it application for various purposes in various industries. The system is primarily designed to support proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. These fuel cells tend to be more compact and more portable than their stationary counterparts and have become quite common in the telecommunications and auto industries.

Demand for a working hydrogen infrastructure is on the rise among businesses

Hydrogen production has become a major priority for organizations that are embracing fuel cells. While fuel cells have been quite popular in industrial sectors, there is a lack of infrastructure support for these energy systems currently. The lack of a sufficient hydrogen infrastructure has made fuel cells somewhat unpopular for many businesses. Companies like Hy9 that develop hydrogen production technologies are vital to the increasing popularity of fuel cells because they help solve the infrastructure problem.

Using methanol to produce hydrogen could be an efficient and low-cost solution

Many companies have expressed interest in using fuel cells for various purposes, but they are also unwilling to do so without infrastructure support. Conventional hydrogen production techniques are typically considered inefficient and expensive, by tapping into the power of methanol and using this chemical to produce hydrogen fuel is considered a viable solution.

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