New solar energy systems goes live in Malaysia

June 30, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Solar Energy - Malaysia

10 MW solar power plant is now online in Malaysia thanks to Amcorp Power and Yingli Solar

Malaysia’s largest solar energy system has come online and is generating power for the country. The Gemas power plant is located in Negri Sembilan and was developed by Amcorp Power, making use of photovoltaic technology produced by Yingli Solar, one of China’s largest photovoltaic manufacturers. Yingli Solar provided more than 40,000 of is solar modules to the project, which boasts of a maximum energy capacity of 10 megawatts. The project encompasses some 13 hectares, most of which is committed to Yingli Solar’s energy modules.

The new energy system will provide Malaysia with 13.6 million kWh of electrical power every year

The power plant is expected to produce an estimated 13.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity for Malaysia every year. The project itself represents a collaboration between Yingli Solar and Amcorp Power. Both companies have been working to establish a stronger presence in the global solar sector and have begun focusing on countries with emerging solar markets, like Malaysia. The country has a strong interest in renewable energy because of its economic prospects and the fact that it is becoming less expensive than fossil-fuels.

Yingli continues to flex its muscles in the clean technology space

Yingli Green Energy, which owns Yingli Solar, is considered one of the world’s largest clean technology companies, falling behind only Lenovo and China’s telecommunications giant, Huawei. As a whole, China has established a prominent position in the global renewable energy space, especially when it comes to solar power. The country is responsible for the rapid production and  deployment of photovoltaic technologies and this rapid production has had a major impact on the overall cost of solar energy.

Several countries are beginning to favor solar power because of its environmental and economic benefits

Countries with emerging solar markets, such as Malaysia, represent a great deal of potential for companies that specialize in solar power. These countries have a strong desire to distance themselves from fossil-fuels for economic and environmental reasons. Solar energy is often considered the best option to accomplish this endeavor because of its rapidly declining costs.

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