Hydrogen Americas Summit speakers place spotlight on hydrogen fuel vehicles

Hydrogen Americas Summit speakers place spotlight on hydrogen fuel vehicles

October 3, 2022 0 By Julie Campbell

This year’s annual event includes leaders in energy and various segments of transportation

The 2022 Hydrogen Americas Summit on October 10 and 11 is bringing together energy and transportation leaders who will be speaking about and discussing H2 as a clean energy, and how recent laws and regulatory movements are impacting the development and adoption of hydrogen fuel vehicles such as long-haul trucks, public transportation, cargo ships, trains, passenger cars, and machinery.

H2 in transportation has seen a bumpy road, but is it about to become smoother?

Hydrogen Fuel News has been following a range of stories in the US transportation industry as well as in hydrogen news in a broader sense.  Leaders from many of the headline-making H2 technology developers, vehicle component makers, and even the US Department of Energy (DoE) will be speaking at the Hydrogen Americas Summit to provide even greater insight into these latest developments, unfolding strategies, and intentions for the near- and long-term.  

This year’s topics will be particularly notable following this summer’s DoE Notice of Intent (NOI) to fund the $8 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Program intended to develop regional clean hydrogen hubs (H2Hubs).

Insight into hydrogen fuel vehicles at keynote addresses, panels, and spotlights

This year’s summit will be of particular interest to those in the transportation industry, as well as to investors seeking the latest strategies and developments regarding hydrogen fuel vehicles. 

Trucking, buses, trains, and aircraft, as well as short-distance machinery such as forklifts, have all been making substantial advances worldwide and in certain areas of the United States in particular. Even hydrogen cars are seeing promise in some geographic areas, especially where refueling infrastructure implementation is already becoming a priority.

Hydrogen Americas Summit

Still, many hurdles remain, and the team at Hydrogen Fuel News is looking forward to hearing from the Hydrogen Americas Summit speakers to report on what the transportation industry participants intend to do to overcome them. Among these issues include:

  • Further hydrogen fuel vehicle development and manufacturing
  • H2 production, particularly green hydrogen, which requires renewable energy installations
  • Pricing and viability of H2 as a fossil fuel alternative
  • Refueling infrastructure, which for the moment is all but non-existent.

Speakers we’re watching for the future of hydrogen fuel vehicles and transportation

Some of the speakers the Hydrogen Fuel News team will be watching in particular for their perspective on hydrogen fuel vehicles and the transportation industry as a whole include:

  • US DoE Secretary of Energy Hon. Jennifer Granholm – The opening keynote address is from the same person leading the DoE as it pursues President Biden’s 2050 goal for net-zero carbon emissions. We’re hoping to hear more about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Program funding and how it will support the acceleration of hydrogen fuel vehicle adoption throughout the United States.
  • bp Vice President Hydrogen, US, Tomeka McLeod – As McLeod is head of the energy giant’s development and growth of H2 and carbon capture and storage business, during Session 5: Commercial Opportunities for Clean Hydrogen in Decarbonizing Hard to Abate Sectors, we’re hoping to hear her insight into the role the company will play in areas such as hydrogen fuel production, storage and distribution via infrastructure deployment in the United States. bp has already made H2 headlines worldwide, such as in the company’s recent MoU signing with thyssenkrupp for H2-powered steel production.

hydrogen americas summit speakers and hot topics

  • Cummins Managing Director, Hydrogen Technologies – Americas, Alex Savelli – In a company already making a considerable push toward the adoption of hydrogen fuel vehicles in the United States, the Hydrogen Fuel News team is hoping to hear Savelli’s take on plans for scaling up the US H2 economy while securing a reliable supply chain for the production and distribution of PEM and electrolyzer solutions expected to be key to hydrogen adoption in the transportation industry. Savelli is a panelist in Session 2: Accelerating New Breakthrough Technologies & Lowering Costs. Cummins is already a top fuel cell engine supplier, as companies such as Werner Enterprises roll out entire fleets after having tested the technology. 
  • Bloom Energy Vice President Hydrogen Business Rick Beuttel – As head of the fuel cell and electricity production company’s marketing strategy, Beuttel’s take on awareness, education and adoption of emerging hydrogen technologies during Session 2: Accelerating New Breakthrough Technologies & Lowering Costs has notable appeal. This is particularly true in the transportation industry that is seeking solutions today for the decarbonization transition that must be undertaken sooner rather than later in order to comply with current and upcoming carbon emission reduction requirements. Bloom Energy’s recent projects with SoCalGas, the Indian Ministry of Power, and Westinghouse have given the company a unique take on angles such as H2 blending with natural gas and many production methods including nuclear power.
  • Hyzon Motors President and Interim CEO Parker Meeks – The company’s focus on trucks, coaches and other hydrogen fuel vehicles such as refuse trucks, combined with Meeks’ experience in decarbonization, energy transition, and infrastructure in the transportation industry will bring a particularly thought-provoking perspective to Session 8: Hydrogen Mobility Application & Solutions in Land, Sea & Air. The company’s recent movements in the US and Australia, use of the Repower program, this summer’s partnership with Schlumberger, and last year’s fleet decarbonization deal with SoCalGas mean the company has a highly practical viewpoint of hydrogen in transportation.

Hydrogen Fuel News is proud to be a Hydrogen Summit Americas supporter and media partner. We strongly believe in this Sustainable Energy Council and the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) co-hosted event and will be present throughout the summit at the Hydrogen Fuel News virtual booth.

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