Pamesa Group is the first to use unique hydrogen-based fuel in its production processes

Pamesa Group is the first to use unique hydrogen-based fuel in its production processes

June 22, 2023 0 By John Max

The achievement was the result of a partnership with eCombustible Energy.

Pamesa Group and eCombustible Energy partnered to launch the first carbon-free hydrogen-based fuel to be used in commercial industrial operations. According to a recent news release, the fuel, which is completely free of carbon emissions, was used by Pamesa Group in its productions process in place of natural gas, in a world first.

eCombustible is a new carbon-free fuel.

The hydrogen-based fuel is known as eCombustible and is produced by eCombustible Energy. The fuel is generated via an enhanced electrolysis process and with far greater production efficiency compared to any other electrolysis technology.

The fuel is generated using modules. This enables the fuel to be configured according to the specific requirements of each eCombustible client, like Pamesa. Furthermore, this hydrogen-based fuel can be used in existing equipment with very little or no need to modify the existing machinery to accommodate it.

Therefore, since the energy generation process takes place in existing equipment installed in the same plants as the Pamesa production centers, there is no need for fuel transportation or distribution. Due to this fact, the carbon emissions associated with the life cycle of eCombustible is lowered even more compared to traditional fuels.

With its new hydrogen-based fuel, eCombustible is helping hard to decarbonize sectors find a viable solution.

“Our mission is to provide a long-term, cost-effective, carbon-free fuel supply solution to help industries that today rely heavily on fossil fuels and give them energy independence,” said eCombustible Energy CEO, Jorge Arévalo.

Hydrogen -based fuel - eCombustible Pamesa FUEL - Image Credit - eCombustible Energy LLC

eCombustible Pamesa FUEL – Image Credit: eCombustible Energy LLC

The CEO added that “Pamesa is leading the way in demonstrating how sectors whose CO2 emissions were economically unfeasible to reduce with current technology can now contribute to a more sustainable world while continuing to grow their businesses.”

A more efficient solution compared to existing H2 alternatives.

hydrogen news ebookPamesa has achieved a number of key milestones with the support of eCombustible. These include having the first plant of its kind worldwide that can function without reliance on natural gas and having a more efficient solution than current hydrogen alternatives, while remaining 100% carbon-free at a price that is more competitive than natural gas.

“I am proud to announce that, after four years of effort and investment, exclusively private, we are going to be able to produce in our plants without emitting carbon dioxide and without depending on third parties,” said president of Grupo Pamesa, Fernando Roig.

After its initial success with the hydrogen-based fuel, Pamesa intends to implement eCombustible in all its operations.

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