DNV examines potential of hydrogen blending

DNV examines potential of hydrogen blending

March 26, 2024 0 By John Max

The Norwegian company has launched feasibility studies on behalf of two large energy companies

Independent energy expert DNV from the Netherlands has launched hydrogen blending feasibility studies on behalf of FortisBC Energy Inc. and Enbridge, Inc.

These will be two separate studies

The studies will examine the percentage of hydrogen blending for safe transportation through existing pipeline infrastructures currently used for transporting natural gas. This includes the British Columbia, Canada Enbridge transmission system and the distribution system from FortisBC. 

The studies represent the largest that have been conducted in North America to examine combinations of H2 with other gases. The results obtained through the studies will be used for code and standards development, which is necessary to ensure the H2 is safely transported. It is considered an initial stage in the establishment of a sustainable H2 market.

Part of a larger hydrogen blending strategy

The new project is a component of the effort the Canadian province of British Columbia is making to decarbonize by cutting back the emissions from the natural gas systems of Enbridge and FortisBC while still keeping up the affordability, reliability, and safety of the energy provided.

hydrogen blending - Enbridge logo on a gas pipe

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Both asset sets will undergo individual studies, distinguishing unique systems and components already established. Together, the studies will form the foundation understanding required for creating the technical, safety, and economic requirements to spot and develop the ideal and safest concentration levels of hydrogen blending for the system.  The gas supply value change will undergo examination from one end to the other, including everything from the H2 injection points, along the pipeline systems, to the delivery points of the end user.

According to DNV Region President of Energy Systems North America Richard S. Barnes, using hydrogen blending with clean H2 and natural gas, is a vital step along the path to energy supply decarbonization in the province, as well as for providing a framework for similar projects in other parts of the world.

Closing Thoughts

hydrogen news ebookThere are several places around the globe looking into the prospect of using a combination of H2 and natural gas for home heating and other energy needs. The information gleaned from these studies will help to support those and future projects and could assist in moving many forward with decarbonization.

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