BMW Triumphs with its iX5 Hydrogen Car in Extreme UAE Climate Trials

BMW Triumphs with its iX5 Hydrogen Car in Extreme UAE Climate Trials

October 30, 2023 1 By Jake Banks

The H2-powered vehicle was able to stand up to the harsh weather in the United Arab Emirates.

The BMW iX5 hydrogen car is a 401-bhp SUV that offers a range of as much as 313 miles on 13.2 pounds of H2.

As many people look to alternative vehicles to those using fossil fuels, they want a realistic option.

Electric vehicle ownership has been associated with a number of challenges that aren’t experienced by drivers of conventional gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. For this reason, many people are hesitant to choose battery electric vehicles quite yet and are looking into other options such as a hydrogen car. That said, before they jump on that bandwagon, they want to be sure they will not simply find themselves dealing with a whole other slew of problems.

Among the challenges some drivers are hesitant to adopt by choosing battery electric vehicles include the amount of time charging requires when compared to refueling a tank with gasoline. Moreover, range anxiety connected with the current generation of vehicles has also been a barrier to purchase for many drivers. This has held back some of the transition to zero-emission vehicles, which is an essential step to achieving climate targets.

A small number of major players in the automotive industry have developed a hydrogen car alternative.

Toyota and Hyundai have been the automakers that have found themselves making the most headlines in H2 vehicles.

Hydrogen car - BMW Logo on car with water droplets

That said, BMW has also been working on an H2 fuel cell vehicle, and it is putting that vehicle to the test so its customers can feel confident that they are choosing an option that will be able to stand up to whatever they throw at it.

Hot-weather testing completed

hydrogen news ebookAs a part of that strategy, BMW has recently completed the hot-weather testing of its iX5 Hydrogen pilot fleet vehicles. The tests are meant to help to prove that the technology is viable in even the most extreme weather conditions.

To accomplish this, it ran the tests in the United Arab Emirates. What that was able to demonstrate was that the hydrogen car’s fuel cell propulsion system was able to function optimally even in the UAE’s sand and dust, slope variability, substantial humidity, and temperatures that soared to up to 45ºC (113ºF).hydrogen bmw ix5 performance in extreme weather

Hydrogen: A Viable Fuel Alternative in Both Extreme Heat and Cold

The company has also successfully tested the innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen in some of the world’s coldest climates, right on the Arctic Circle. Despite the challenging conditions of snow, ice, and below-zero temperatures, all drive components of the vehicle, including the fuel cell system, hydrogen tanks, power buffer battery, and central vehicle control unit, demonstrated their reliability and suitability for everyday use. Interestingly, the performance of the hydrogen fuel cell drive at extremely low temperatures was comparable to that of conventional combustion engines, offering full power shortly after starting and an unrestricted range.

In conclusion, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen vehicle has demonstrated that hydrogen fuel cell technology is a viable and robust alternative to traditional fossil fuels and electric vehicles. Successfully standing up to extreme weather conditions in both the Arctic Circle and the United Arab Emirates, the vehicle has shown that it can deliver reliable performance and usability, regardless of the climate. With a notable range of up to 313 miles on 13.2 pounds of H2 and a refueling time comparable to that of gasoline-powered vehicles, the iX5 Hydrogen presents a compelling alternative for consumers hesitant about transitioning to electric vehicles due to concerns over charging times and range anxiety. Moreover, this car’s successful testing under harsh conditions is indeed a viable fuel alternative in both extreme heat and cold.

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