GAC Motor shows off concept hydrogen car made of recycled ocean plastic

GAC Motor shows off concept hydrogen car made of recycled ocean plastic

November 30, 2023 0 By Julie Campbell

The ERA model’s drivetrain is comprised of fuel cells and a 200kw electric motor.

Chinese automaker GAC Motor took its opportunity at the Guangzhou Auto Show to unveil its unique ERA model concept hydrogen car made of recycled ocean plastic, seaweed and other biomaterials.

The design of the vehicle is distinctive, with smooth, sleek lines and is meant to stand out.

According to a description from GAC Motor, among the goals of the concept hydrogen car was as a “visionary statement about the future of new energy vehicle design, crafted for those shaping our world.”

The body of the vehicle was developed using an aerodynamic design and of materials consisting of recycled ocean plastic, seaweed and other biomaterials. In this way, both the sleek appearance of the vehicle and the substances from which it was made are meant to be a reflection of the country’s progression along the path toward decarbonization and environmental friendliness. The overall appearance of the vehicle was a collaborative effort of a team made of global experts. Team members from Advanced Design Los Angeles and Milan worked together with the automaker’s Chinese employees.

Versatility will be built into the hydrogen car design, as it will be customizable to keep up with trends.

To ensure that the vehicle will keep up with the ever-changing trends in coming years, the ERA concept design is intended to be customizable. Furthermore, its manufacturing includes an advanced platform that will be able to adapt to using different energy types.

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GAC Motor explained that the current concept is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and a 200kw electric distributed motor at the real axle. With this design, the vehicle boasts 540 horsepower. Furthermore, the vehicle also reportedly has a substantial range, being able to travel as much as 800 kilometers (497 miles) on a full tank of H2, all without producing greenhouse gas emissions.

Large four-wheel drive SUV

The vehicle itself is a sizeable four-wheel drive SUV. The idea is to combine this hydrogen car with high performance as well as luxury. To this end, it has a spacious interior with a 17.75-foot length and wheelbase of 10.25 feet. It is able to manage on a spectrum of terrains with a 0.8 foot clearance.

“The ERA Concept car is a testament to our dedication to leading technological advancement and design innovation, drawing on global talent resources,” said GAC Motor’s Vice President of its Research and Development Center Fan Zhang.

A quiet, comfortable, luxury hydrogen car, this model has drivers in mind who are eco-conscious, but who don’t want to give up a convenient and relaxing ride. The curved shapes and specialty materials such as the interior leather are focused on ensuring that the people inside the vehicle enjoy the ride while they travel without producing greenhouse gas emissions.

The hydrogen car company described the vehicle’s interior as having “elliptical and organic curves, premium materials like bio-based mycelium leather, and a color scheme transitioning from sunrise orange to sunset purple.”

A hydrogen car with comfort in mind

hydrogen news ebookThe seats in this concept hydrogen car are meant to ensure that everyone traveling together will be comfortable and will be able to socialize too. For example, when the vehicle isn’t in motion, the front seats can be turned around to face the back seats, allowing everyone to face each other while they talk. Alternately, while in motion, the front passenger seat can be turned to face the rear for the same reason.

The section in the middle also allows for a small table, for an even more natural socializing experience. Moreover, the back seats can also be expanded for more room or more seating.

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