Will Hyundai really follow through with its retro look hydrogen car?

Will Hyundai really follow through with its retro look hydrogen car?

September 28, 2023 1 By Julie Campbell

The automaker has successfully unveiled its N Vision 74 concept, suggesting it could see production one day.

Last year, Hyundai unveiled its N Vision 74 concept hydrogen car to a great deal of positive response, suggesting that there is a chance it might one day head to production.

The unveiling was met with massive enthusiasm from vehicle enthusiasts due to its substantial detail.

The hydrogen car was clearly designed with detail and a fun drive in mind. The passenger vehicle is powered by an H2 fuel cell electric drivetrain. In this way, it was able to offer the zero-emission operation benefits of an electric vehicle but with the range and rapid refueling of an H2-powered auto.

The concept was also celebrated for being a working prototype, which isn’t common in concept vehicles. As a result, rumors have been flying regarding the opportunity Hyundai has to put it into production. More recently, a patent was filed, suggesting that the automaker could truly consider going forward with this model.

A patent filing has renewed interest in the Hyundai hydrogen car concept vehicle.

The automaker made a patent filing with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Part of the filing was for a trademark for the N74 name. This underscores that the specific retro looking vehicle design could be under serious consideration for production.

N Vision 74 concept hydrogen car

Credit: Photo by depositphotos.com

The filing was first noticed in May and was interpreted as a potential approval for the production of the vehicle, with the eventual name for the model being the Pony Coupe. That said, very shortly after that news made headlines, Hyundai swiftly denied them.

It is unclear as to whether this meant that the hydrogen car would never be produced or if the automaker simply isn’t yet ready to begin. If the vehicle is not going to be headed for production, it is unclear as to why the patent and trademark filings were made.

Auto enthusiasts have been speculating

Vehicle enthusiasts have been speculating as to why the hydrogen car patent and trademark filings were made if Hyundai doesn’t plan to produce the car. The concept was, after all, highly popular.

The first reason some believe Hyundai made the filings was because the vehicle will at some point go into production. Automakers regularly trademark names, particularly when they intend to go forward with production. That said, this doesn’t mean that anything will happen immediately or that if the trademarked name is used, it will necessarily be used for the production version of the concept model.

The other reason that Hyundai submitted the filings was simply the register the name for intellectual property purposes. Unfortunately for people who are interested in the hydrogen car with the retro look, it could be that the automaker is simply aiming to ensure other companies won’t use the name for their own vehicles, regardless of the plan to use it.

The concept hydrogen car has a lot of fans.

hydrogen news ebookThough Hyundai has denied its intent to produce the hydrogen car, the N74 concept hydrogen car did draw substantial positive intention. The design of the vehicle came with substantial detail to drum up nostalgia for those who like the retro look, including the artificial engine sounds and digitized exhaust popping noises. The model even had a fake “gearbox” meant to mimic the shift shock of a vehicle transmission with multiple gears.

The concept also had a dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD) comparable to the one in the GR Yaris, except that there isn’t a mechanical connection between the front and rear wheels since it has an electric motor.

How Popular is New Cars That Have a Retro Look?

Retro cars, with their vintage charm and nostalgic appeal, are experiencing a revival. Models like the Ford Ranger, Ford Bronco, Chevrolet Blazer, and Toyota Supra have returned with their classic allure intact, but updated with modern features. The sentimentality these vehicles evoke, paired with contemporary upgrades, is a major part of their charm.

Interestingly, online car shopping has significantly contributed to the resurgence in retro car sales. It’s now easier than ever for enthusiasts to purchase these models, which often come with advanced features like driver-assist technologies. In fact, according to Hagerty, a classic car insurance and valuation company, the market for vintage SUVs, including models like the Ford Bronco, has grown by 70% over the past decade.

In essence, the blend of nostalgia and modernity is what makes retro cars so appealing, and it seems that car buyers are enthusiastically embracing this trend.

For now, though, as popular as the concept hydrogen car with the retro look may be, enthusiasts will need to wait to find out if Hyundai actually follows through with production.

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