New green hydrogen tech from DuPont enhances electrolyzer operation

New green hydrogen tech from DuPont enhances electrolyzer operation

September 29, 2023 0 By Angie Bergenson

The company has introduced the first ion exchange resin for green H2.

DuPont, a global leader in purification and specialty-separation technologies, announced the launch of the DuPont™ AmberLite™ P2X110 Ion Exchange Resin, its first product fully dedicated to producing green hydrogen.

The new product has been designed to enhance electrolyzer operation.

According to a recent news release announcing the product, The DuPont™ AmberLite™ P2X110 Ion Exchange Resin has been specifically designed for the unique chemistry of elctrolyzer loops.

It supports green hydrogen production from water, providing more service time and enhancing electrolyzer operation.

The innovative ion exchange resin product can reportedly endure thermal and chemical challenges presented in the electrolyzer, delivering durable and reliable water quality that aids in the prevention of contaminant build-up in the electrolyzer loop. Ultimately, compared to current industry generic resins, the features of the AmberLite™ P2X110 Ion Exchange Resin improve removal capacity and offer a differentiated option for electrolyzers with extended service time.

The release of this product marks DuPont’s first steps into the green hydrogen market.

Commenting on the newly launched product, Verónica Garcia Molina, Global Market Leader, Industrial Water & Energy, DuPont Water Solutions, said, “Our multi-tech portfolio can help create the high-purity water that electrolyzers require with our ultrafiltration, ion exchange, biofouling prevention, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization solutions. The launch of our AmberLite™ P2X110 Ion Exchange Resin is an exciting first step into the Green Hydrogen market.”

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The company’s water technologies aid in purifying over 50 million gallons of water every minute across the globe. DuPont’s technologies enable the safe access of both ground and surface water as well as enable water reuse, recycling and desalination.

The company provides solutions to various water and sustainability challenges that plague industrial water users and water treatment municipalities, through its wide-ranging portfolio of products.

Supporting electrification and decarbonization trends.

hydrogen news ebook“The pursuit of new sources of clean energy is critical, with green hydrogen well positioned to substantially reduce global carbon emissions,” said DuPont Water Solutions Global Vice President and General Manager Alan Chan.

“At DuPont Water Solutions, we are very excited to introduce our AmberLite™ P2X110 Ion Exchange Resin in support of these trends toward electrification and decarbonization,” Chan added.

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