Rolls-Royce Ponders Making Some EVs into Hydrogen Cars

Rolls-Royce Ponders Making Some EVs into Hydrogen Cars

June 20, 2023 2 By Tami Hood

The company’s CEO has stated that the automaker is thinking that it “might exit batteries.”

Rolls-Royce is thinking about stepping away from typical battery electric vehicles in favor of hydrogen cars once H2 technology has improved enough for mainstream use at scale.

The automaker has been focused on developing battery electric vehicles as its zero-emission offering.

The latest Rolls-Royce Spectre made its way into the spotlight earlier this month at Villa d’Este in Italy

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for its European debut. That model is the first electric vehicle from the UK-based automaker and is expected to begin production in September. It will boast one of the largest batteries any production car has ever held, at 120kWh.The vehicle’s range is said to be over 300 miles, with rapid charging at 195kW.

That said, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce CEO, has said that the unique positioning of the company and the average owner’s specialized use case means that it is possible to consider hydrogen cars as a technology with true potential for the future.

In a recent Autocar report, Müller-Ötvös explained that he viewed fuel cells as the way to go, but that he doesn’t believe the automaker would ever move forward with the type of H2 combustion technology currently under development by companies such as Toyota and JCB.

Müller-Ötvös is waiting for hydrogen cars to see more development before jumping in.

“I think a hydrogen combustion engine is nothing I would in any way look into, because that was tested already years ago,” said Müller-Ötvös in reference to the tech trial Rolls-Royce’s parent company BMW already tested in the early 2000s with a uniquely adapted 7 Series.

Hydrogen cars - Fuel Cell Engine

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“This is not the most efficient way to use hydrogen,” he went on to explain. “If hydrogen will be used in the future, then it’s fuel cells. And fuel cells are nothing different from a battery. It is just how you get the energy.”

H2 cars have an advantage.

hydrogen news ebookMüller-Ötvös sees hydrogen cars using fuel cells as an option quite comparable to battery electric vehicles, only with distinct advantages once it is further developed.

“And why not? I would say so when the time is right for us, and when the technology is so much advanced, that it is definitely something we would pursue as Rolls-Royce,” he said. “Why not? We might exit batteries, and we might enter into fuel cells.”

Hydrogen FAQ’s About This Article

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  1. What is Rolls-Royce’s viewpoint on departing from battery electric vehicles? Rolls-Royce is currently evaluating the idea of shifting away from battery-powered vehicles. The CEO has signaled that they could potentially “exit batteries,” although an official announcement has not been made.
  2. Which technology is Rolls-Royce examining as a potential replacement for battery electric vehicles? Rolls-Royce is considering the use of hydrogen fuel cells as a sustainable alternative to battery power for their future vehicles.
  3. Can you provide details on the battery and specifications of the latest Rolls-Royce Spectre? Currently, Rolls-Royce is still using battery technology in their vehicles, including the latest Spectre model. For specific details on the battery and other specifications, please refer to the official Rolls-Royce website or contact a dealer directly.
  4. Is hydrogen technology a part of Rolls-Royce’s future plans? What type of hydrogen technology are they interested in? Yes, Rolls-Royce has shown interest in hydrogen technology, specifically fuel cell technology, which uses hydrogen to produce electricity.
  5. What is Rolls-Royce CEO’s opinion on hydrogen combustion technology? The CEO of Rolls-Royce does not see much potential in the current development of hydrogen combustion technology. Instead, he shows a greater interest in hydrogen fuel cells.
  6. When is Rolls-Royce planning to switch to hydrogen cars? Rolls-Royce has not provided a specific timeline for a possible switch to hydrogen cars. They are waiting for further advancements in hydrogen technology before making a decision.
  7. How do hydrogen fuel cells stack up against battery electric vehicles? According to the CEO of Rolls-Royce, once the technology matures, hydrogen cars could offer unique advantages over battery electric vehicles.
  8. Is Rolls-Royce planning to completely replace batteries with fuel cells? While there have been hints about a potential shift away from batteries, Rolls-Royce has not officially confirmed that they will completely replace batteries with fuel cells.
  9. What impact will this decision have on potential Rolls-Royce buyers and the zero-emission vehicle market? If Rolls-Royce decides to adopt hydrogen technology, it could provide new options for customers interested in sustainable vehicles. The wider impact on the zero-emission vehicle market will depend on various factors, including the progress of hydrogen technology development and consumer acceptance.
  10. What are the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells? Hydrogen fuel cells are efficient, produce zero emissions at the point of use, and can provide a longer driving range than conventional batteries. They also have the potential to be refueled faster than batteries can be recharged. However, there are challenges related to infrastructure and hydrogen production that need to be addressed as the technology develops.

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