Hydrogen Production Companies Should Know the Prospects of Green Hydrogen Energy in 2022 and beyond

Hydrogen Production Companies Should Know the Prospects of Green Hydrogen Energy in 2022 and beyond

January 19, 2022 1 By Guest Author

After the outbreaks of the pandemic, people have become even more environmentally conscious, which is why hydrogen green energy is more in focus now than ever before? This is made by splitting oxygen and hydrogen. It is reaching multiple industries for an array of reasons. It is cost-effective and clean burning. The gas can stabilize heat supply and electricity. You can also see a reduction in CO2 emissions. No wonder the green hydrogen market size is projected to reach $4,373 million by 2026 at a CAGR of 58% from 2021. Several countries have already envisioned a carbon-free future with green hydrogen. It allows direct usage as fuel and can be converted into other synthetic fuels. 

By relying on storage solutions from infrastructure firms like GenH2, top hydrogen production companies have been researching more advanced technologies to generate green hydrogen through hydrolysis. This is one of the major steps to help the world shift to a safe alternative to petroleum. Here’s a look at what else the future holds. 

Renewable Electricity Usage

Jules Verne talked about green hydrogen in his book The Mysterious Island way back in 1875. He said that water broken down into its element via electricity will be useful one day as fuel. True to the quote, today it is the next big thing in terms of the energy future. Pure gas can be obtained via renewable energy like wind or solar power which ensures there are minimum greenhouse gas emissions. Further, there are no technical barriers to tick-off mass production of the gas. 

It can shape the global economy without climatic changes like smog or air pollution. The top hydrogen fuel companies are aligned with the ‘clean energy deadlines’ thus decarbonizing the power generation process to a great extent. 

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Supply World Energy Needs

Green hydrogen can supply 25% of the world’s energy needs and can become a $10 trillion market by 2050. This is crucial since the energy needs are likely to double by 2040. A mix of renewables in energy production can lessen the carbon release by nearly 80%. The by-product of hydrogen green energy is water so there are no hazardous emissions after the hydrogen production electrolysis process. 

Sustainable Transportation

Fuel cells of electric vehicles can be effectively charged with green hydrogen. This is one of the most environment-friendly transportation methods. You can rely on hydrogen storage companies to tick-off your storage requirements. Choose the one that ensures controlled storage of large volumes of gaseous or liquified hydrogen. 

Further, it can also act as a fuel directly and replace gasoline. All we need would be new infrastructures like hydrogen ready engines from green hydrogen companies, power generation technologies and pipelines. Besides transportation, green hydrogen can also be used in different power systems for optimal environmental protection. 

The leading hydrogen infrastructure companies can offer on-site production, compression and storage with unique techniques. The design features can be implemented in multiple ways for efficient results and reliability. So, try to leverage green hydrogen for both domestic and industrial purposes for a safe, clean, and pollutant-free future.

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