Oman and BP sign renewable hydrogen partnership on mega-gigawatt scale

Oman and BP sign renewable hydrogen partnership on mega-gigawatt scale

January 20, 2022 0 By John Max

The Middle Eastern country has inked a deal with the energy giant to support clean fuel by 2030.

Oman has announced that it has entered into an agreement with BP, in which the energy giant will support the country’s development of mega-gigawatts of renewable hydrogen and energy by 2030.

The deal was signed between the company and Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

That agreement will have BP capturing and evaluating data regarding solar and wind energy on 8,000 square kilometers of land. That land size is an area five times as large as the size of Greater London. The goal will be to support the country’s government in approving the potential development of clean energy hubs in the region of the solar and wind farms.

This clean energy could also be used for powering renewable hydrogen production for both domestic and export markets.

“These projects will build on our gas business, and bring wind, solar and green hydrogen together in a distinctive and integrated way supporting Oman’s low carbon energy goals,” said Bernard Looney, CEO of BP, in a media statement.

Renewable hydrogen - Solar and wind energy partnerships

The renewable hydrogen agreement will also allow BP and Oman to consider other collaborations.

The terms of the new agreement allow the country and the energy major to consider other areas in which they might want to collaborate, such as in solar and wind strategy and regulation, as well as installing a clean energy hub. It could also open the door to new related local workforce development and reskilling.

Mohammed Al Rumhy, the Oman Minister of Energy and Minerals, stated that this new agreement with BP represents an important step toward the achievement of the country’s 2040 Vision, which involves the intention to boost renewable energy’s proportion of Oman’s total energy mix. The goal is to raise it to 35 to 39 percent by 2040.

“Today’s agreement signals the next step in our energy journey – unlocking the potential for Oman as a low-carbon energy hub,” said Al Rumhy. Oman has substantial opportunity for renewable hydrogen production based on this agreement, should the installation of solar and wind farms be fruitful. The country has already unveiled its intention to open a green H2 complex powered by 25GW of solar and wind energy.

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