Hynion signs new Swedish hydrogen fuel cell deal

Hynion signs new Swedish hydrogen fuel cell deal

January 19, 2022 0 By Bret Williams

The company will be supplying Sandviken buses with H2 and will take over a Linde filling station.

Hynion has announced that it has signed an agreement for supplying buses in Sandviken, Sweden with the hydrogen fuel cell equipment they require. The company will also be taking over the H2 station there which is currently Linde’s property.

The filling station Hynion will be taking over serves both buses and cars that are powered by H2.

Hynion says that as it acquires the H2 filling station, it will become the largest supplier of the zero-emission fuel in the country. It now has three stations, which are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Sandviken. These stations will allow drivers of hydrogen fuel cell cars and buses to refuel when needed.

Recently, Transdev announced that it had invested in two H2 buses and that they will soon be part of its regular fleet thanks to X-trafik, the Sandviken public transport principal. Hynion, Linde and X-trafik collaborated to bring in the buses and refuel them for their initial testing in December. Hynion will be responsible for keeping up the bus refueling as the vehicles are transitioned into regular use on local streets.

Hydrogen fuel cell - H2 refueling

Hynion aims to ensure hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Sweden will have reliable H2 refueling options.

“We are pleased that Hynion is taking over the hydrogen station in Sandviken. Having competent and reliable players throughout the chain is crucial for the successful operation of our two hydrogen buses,” said business manager Gävleborg and Hälsingland, Transdev Sverige AB Fredrik Beckius in a recent Energy Digital report.

Linde had been in talks with the collaboration members since Hynion took over the Arlanda station in the summer of 2021. The discussions lead to an agreement in which it would also take over Linde’s Sandviken station ownership and operation as of February 1.

Hynion views the station as a permanent refueling solution for the buses as well as hydrogen fuel cell cars. Though there are only two H2 buses on the roads at the start, the company expects that there will be subsequent vehicles as well. They will be able to fill up whenever needed at the station that it will open to all H2 customers.

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